Celebrating a decade

Many music groups go their separate ways, but Ama-Daz-Floor remains intact.

15 November 2019 | Art and Entertainment

On a Tuesday afternoon, tjil caught up with Afro-fusion group Ama-Daz-Floor to find out about their new ventures and upcoming album.

Focused on dominating Namibian music, the award-winning group have come a long way.

Determined to get their music to the masses, we can expect their fifth album, titled Edhepa, to be easy to access at various music stores in two weeks' time.

Made up of ZuluBoy, Anchux, Doctie and Stix, the collective assured us that they are dropping a bomb on the music scene this festive season.

“This is our 10th year in the music industry, so this is a celebratory album. We are celebrating our longevity in the game, and at the same time, the album is packed with songs that comment on social issues that we are currently going through as a country.

“In terms of content, the album is very varied, because we touch on different subjects. There is a song for everyone,” said ZuluBoy.

Having been in the industry for a decade, Anchux attributes their longevity to respect and having the same goals.

He mentioned that just like any other music group, they disagree on many things, but they always make a point to resolve their issues.

“Just because you disagree on a creative basis in the studio does not mean you should take it personally.

“We grew up together and have similar backgrounds. It has come to a point where we just don't make music together, we have become family now. We do not look at who's the best in the group, we rather work as a team,” said Anchux.

On Edhepa, production wise Ama-Daz-Floor collaborated with some of the best music producers in the Land of the Brave including Mr Glo, Momento, Araffath Muhuure, MJ, DJ Chronic, Andrew On The Beat, House Guru Gang and DJ KBoz. The group maintains they purposely choose to work with renowned producers, because they took a different sound direction on Edhepa. “Sonically we had to delve and experiment with new sounds.

It is more laidback songs, not too up-tempo, but the beats will still get you moving. It is more Afropop.

“We walked away with the Best Soukous/Kwasa Award in 2016 at the Namibian Annual Music Awards (NAMAs), but we do not like being complacent, so we challenged ourselves with other genres on this project,” added ZuluBoy.

As it has been from the beginning of their career, Ama-Daz-Floor have always wanted to reach more people with their music. They maintain this is still the goal with their new album. They want to keep growing their fan base. “Next year is the last NAMAs hosted by MTC, and we are not sure of the future of the awards show after that, so hopefully we also get nominated for the 10th NAMAs with this album we are about to drop.”

The warm reception to Future, their lead single, gives them confidence that the entire album will be embraced positively by the music community. Anchux explained that Future is a song about the dangers of alcohol and drug abuse.

“You cannot have a bright future if you abuse alcohol and drugs, so on that song we are trying to caution, especially young people, about the dangers of abusing alcohol and encourage them to channel their time and energy to things that matter. Overall Edhepa is an informative album; the single is just a teaser,” he said.

They announced that they are busy organising an album listening session, which will be held in Windhoek. “Because of financial constraints, the listening session is going to be by invitation only, because we do not have a budget for a bigger event.

“We will reveal the exact date and venue on our social media platforms soon. In December we will also release our gig guide, so our fans can catch us performing new songs at a place near them,” ZuluBoy shared.

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