Can we please find a way?

02 August 2021 | Sports

Jesse Jackson Kauraisa

This on and off sport in Namibia reminds me of stories I heard about relationships which are on an off until they eventually fade.

I have begun fearing that sport in this country could be at a point where its revival plans in all codes face a dark future.

While other countries have found ways to continue with sport, it appears as if Namibia will be calling off contact sport every time there is a wave.

This has become the new normal in a country where sport has been a gateway out of poverty for many.

It is evident that this country is either running out of ways and strategies to keep sport going even in the midst of the pandemic, or they just had no idea at all.

One thing that the virus has done is expose the lack of funding towards sports over the past 31 years.

The virus has shown how little of a priority has sport been as far as our government is concerned.

It has exposed the little effort many corporates put in, apart from those who have done an exceptional job in sponsoring sport codes.

My belief is that in this country, with a population of less than three million and with a number of big corporates and resources, sport could have continued had there been interest to keep the industry going.

The sad part is that countries like South Africa have hosted matches even when the cases surged.

What is stopping us from doing this? Can we please just find a way because this is destabilising a fraternity that has already been on its knees.

Times in this country have become very strange and so uncertain as far as sport is concerned.

One minute the football players and other sport personnel are happy and the other moment the happiness is gone in 60 seconds due to restrictions.

I actually do not blame authorities for always banning sport as soon as a Covid-19 wave hits the country because it is standard procedure.

I, however, have a problem with the same authority and the sport administrators who are unable to seek solutions and find ways in which sport can continue during this torrid time the world and this country is facing.

The funny part that does not cease to amaze me is that when things open up and cases drop, people resume with sport without putting proper emergency plans into place if there happens to be another outbreak.

What is happening in other countries at the moment after Namibia had reached its peak in the third wave should be a wake-up call that this virus is here to stay.

The truth is that I am afraid that we will experience wave after wave and sport will continue to be called off every time there is an outbreak.

Yes, I know that it is not easy and companies are also feeling the pinch of the pandemic, but we need to protect the sport industry.

My advice is that we have to seek solutions as a collective and also liaise with our neighbours on how they have managed to keep their events on, even despite the emergence of the delta variant.

I thought people or teams were kept in a bubble, but my understanding is that some countries are not keeping league players in a bubble but matches are still going on.

It is for this reason we have to learn the ways they are using to ensure these players continue to play and produce negative tests.

Lastly, I know vaccination is a personal choice, but I would really appeal to those in the sport fraternity to get vaccinated as it can help at the moment.

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