By-elections galore in January

09 December 2019 | Politics

Four by-elections are scheduled to take place on 15 January in constituencies vacated by councillors who resigned because of the enforcement of Article 47 of the Namibian constitution ahead of last month's general election.

The fifth constituency, Oshikuku, will not have a by-election after Matheu Gabriel, a 53-year-old education officer at the Omusati education directorate, was declared duly elected as councillor.

He replaces Modestus Amutse, who tendered his resignation in compliance with Article 47, which requires that members of the National Council, regional and local authority councils and remunerated public servants must resign upon acceptance of nomination for the National Assembly.

Amutse, like a few other Swapo functionaries, had to resign upon acceptance of nomination for the National Assembly ahead of the last month's general election.

Gabriel was the only candidate nominated for the Oshikuku vacant position and in terms of Section 82 (2) of the Electoral Act and was thus declared duly elected.

The Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) made this announcement on Friday. The ECN is preparing for by-elections for the Walvis Bay Urban, Oshikuku, Keetmanshoop Urban, Khomasdal and Gobabis constituencies which where necessitated by the resignation of the sitting councillors on 18 October.

The by-elections are scheduled for 15 January next year.

For the Gobabis constituency candidates are Binga Sylvester Daniel for the Landless People's Movement (LPM), Kauesa Lucega Elvis, an independent candidate, Modise Ellemerius Braynie for the Popular Democratic Movement (PDM), and Tebele Augustinus for Swapo.

In the Keetmanshoop constituency the nominated candidates are /Goagoseb Abraham for PDM, Minnaar Maxie Meliza for LPM and Shilimela Festus for the Swapo Party.

In the Khomasdal constituency, the candidates are Angolo Samuel for Swapo, Baumgartaer Mara Boeita for LPM, Diergaardt Raymond Reginald for PDM and Kauahuma Bartholomeus Tjiunomuinjo for Swanu.

For the Walvis Bay constituency, the candidates are Hoaeb Richard for PDM, two independent candidates, Jason Kenneth Iilonga and Knowledge Nduge Iipinge, and Sirie Topulathana for Swapo Party.

“In terms of section 82 (2) of the Electoral Act, if at the close of the sitting for the submission of nominations only one person has been duly nominated in respect of a constituency, the returning officer must forthwith declare the person concerned to be the duly elected member of the regional council for the constituency concerned with effect from the date on which the declaration is made,” the ECN said.

“Accordingly, Mr Matheus Gabriel of the Swapo Party was declared as the duly elected member of the regional council for the Oshikuku constituency by the returning officer on 6 December.”

When contacted for comment, Gabriel who has been a town councillor at Oshikuku for the past nine years, said he was delighted to be elected and thankful to the Swapo Party for the opportunity to lead.

He said he would like to work with the people of Oshikuku to initiate small-scale crop farming aimed at generating income for the community.

“I have been on the party leadership for a period of time and I am thankful that I have been given this opportunity to lead. I have been also in the management of the education directorate and I would like to share my knowledge and expertise. I am proud of this opportunity,” Gabriel said.

“I would like to continue where my predecessor ended as far as the party manifesto is concerned. Despite that, I am good at initiating projects, therefore youth and agricultural projects will be my main target.”


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