Blessers, friendship and betrayal

The story touches on true love, friendship, betrayal, jealousy, sorcery and the desperation for money.

10 September 2019 | People

Michelline Nawatises

Pull quote: We live in the world that is full of two-faced people - Johanna Pangeiko Nautwima

Johanna Pangeiko Fortune Nautwima was born in Ohangwena 26 years ago.

She is master's degree graduate in economics and is currently in Abidjan in the Ivory Coast, working at the African Development Bank (AfDB) in its department of regional development and integration.

Nautwima is also the author of ‘The Beauty and Beast of Friendship in the World of the Blessers’.

She is also working on a motivational book with a friend, which will be released early next year.

She also writes articles related to economics and finance and is the co-author of a trending article published by Africa Growth Agenda, titled ‘Does microfinance really eradicate poverty in Africa?’, which she co-wrote with Petrus Hamukwaya.

She started writing her book when she was a master’s student, with no ample time to give it the attention it required; so it took her nine months to complete it, due to her hectic schedule and limited time.

The book is about the beauty of having friends and the bad side of it, predominantly in the era of the blessers, as everything comes with good and bad, and friendship is no exception.

Hence, it is vital to critically observe the intentions of people we accommodate in our lives.

The book is a fictional novel that narrates the story of people who have fallen victim to betrayal, in the name of friendship.

It correspondingly brings out many substantial life lessons, which will teach the reader about the importance of the intentions of people in their lives. It also warns about the penalties for betraying others.

The story touches on true love, friendship, betrayal, jealousy, sorcery and the desperation for money.

When asked what inspired her to write the book, Nautwima mentioned that the world we live in and her love of writing was what inspired her.

She added that the pain of seeing people becoming victims of betrayal by people who claim to love them, has given her the audacity to share a message that could help other to be vigilant in today’s world.

“We live in a world that is full of two-faced people,” she said

Nautwima believes we all have something to share with others, but how to deliver it becomes of critical concern.

So, while writing this novel, she learnt that getting started was the master key to the flow of ideas.

“When you note down your ideas, how to present them comes automatically, based on what you like,” she added.

She said there is nothing challenging about writing a book, “if you have drafted your ideas carefully, with a clear message of what you would want to share”.

“However, publishing it becomes an issue, in terms of finance,” she said.

Her favourite author is Ndatulumukwa Haikali.

He is not only her favourite author, but her inspiration.

Although he is the youngest author in Namibia, his books still carry a consequential message with the highest order of inspiration, she said.

Also, he is an author of books dealing with various genres.

Nautwima’s target audience for her book are those aged 18 to infinity, more specifically the youth.

She does not really encounter writer’s block, simply because she brainstorms very well and the ideas flow accordingly, once she gets started. “Anytime I think of something related to the title, I wake up and start writing. If it happens while I’m in bed or when I am in class or elsewhere, I note it,” she says.

Her advice to someone who has started, but has not finished their book, is to never give up.

“You can’t give up on something that you have already invested your time in. In fact, an unpresented idea is a wasted of idea. Hence, you have to be determined. Brainstorm well and face it again more courageously,” Nautwima said.

She enters a relaxed and happy mind-space before writing, and she snacks on some biscuits, chips, sweets and water to make her writing easier.

This happens mostly at midnight or very early in the morning, when her mind is fresh and ready to think.

The vibrant 26-year-old is venturing into other genres of writing, as is currently working on a motivational book with her friend Lukas Lihongeni Lukas. The book is titled ‘The Beginning of a New Race’.










Ph 1, 2 & 3 - Johanna Pangeiko Nautwima is a master's degree graduate in economics.

Ph 4 – The cover of her book, ‘The Beauty and Beast of Friendship in the World of the Blessers’.

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