Beauty and purpose

Lioness is our cover star of the year, with her intellect, musical talent and striking beauty getting nods of approval everywhere.

13 December 2019 | Art and Entertainment

Lioness, who recently celebrated her 26th birthday, has been putting in the hours growing her brand.

With a solid record of achievements, it always feels good to see one's brand grow in quality and dominance. Music, fashion and academics - these are some of the accolades we are aware of - and you cannot deny her success.

Her latest tune Lovin' is one of the buzzing songs online right now.

With that said tjil was pleased to get the opportunity to talk to the Sagittarius and find out how everything is making her feel, and what is really pushing her forward.

Speaking on how she is doing, the rapper and doctor shared she is doing well.

“I've achieved unimaginable things this year, so I am content.”

Commenting on the reception to her latest offering, Lioness mentioned that people do love the song, while acknowledging there has been some resistance because not all of her fans expect her to sing.

“But everything is strategic,” Lioness added.

She said she has achieved what she set out to attain at the beginning of the year, while emphasising she has accomplished so much more.

“I under-planned because God just came through indefinitely,” she said.

Lioness is known for always complementing her singles with music videos.

On her love for visual arts and how involved she is in the execution of her music videos, the star said she has always been a visual artist.

She is very happy to translate that into her vision for her songs.

“I am extremely involved - from conceptualising to helping to build sets, to editing sessions, and I can't complain.

“It makes the end product so much more worthwhile,” Lioness said.

Even though it's holiday season, it's also the busiest season for entertainers, as they are booked for events, and Lioness is no different.

For her this season entails extending gratitude to her family and those that support her. She told tjil that her performances this festive season will be about giving thanks, because she still secured gigs, even though she has had a demanding year.

“The masses still wanted to see me jam and jive,” she said.

Besides more music, of course, Lioness promised “another level of artistry” in 2020 and an evolution of who she is, which sounds like a new body of work in the offing.

“Thank you for trusting me to make you dance and jive. I love you all,” she added.

Lioness has had a busy and fruitful 2019 and some of these achievements are also highlighted in this edition, as we summarise and applaud creatives for a successful year. With her incredible work ethic and immense talent, Lioness is destined for greatness, and we cannot wait to see what she has got planned for next year.

When she is not in studio handling her own alongside the likes of Skrypt and Kp Illest, this sexy musician doubles as a medical doctor. In an industry where women are mostly objectified, she is out to show why beauty always has a real purpose.


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