Bank Windhoek rewards top coastal estate agents

Bank Windhoek annually awards estate agents from the coastal region.

14 November 2018 | Banking

We will continue to nurture our customer relationships- Chris Matthee, Executive Officer of Retail Banking Service, Bank Windhoek

J&B Estates was awarded as the top estate agency for the coastal region at the recently concluded Bank Windhoek Coastal Estate Agents Awards ceremony hosted in Walvis Bay.

Ramos Realtors Namibia and Susan Curtis Estates respectively walked away with the second and third spots in Top Estate Agency category.

In the commercial category, the top prize went to Hettie Beukes of Susan Curtis Estates while Ilene Olivier of Daphne Swanepoel Properties received the second prize. Joey Gerber of Ramos Realtors Namibia, took up the third spot.

Saloom Hasanein of Golden Palace Property Centre was the Top Achiever in the Residential category followed by Harrold Page of HomePage and Morne Human of J&B Estates who won the second and third prizes.

The annual Bank Windhoek Coastal Estate Agents Awards aims to give credit to the coastal estate agents and agencies that supported the Bank during the 2017/2018 financial year. Its main purpose is to reward the property industry for its commitment, loyalty and support to Bank Windhoek and its customers.

Bank Windhoek’s executive officer of retail banking service, Chris Matthee, said: “Bank Windhoek prides itself in offering customer centric financial solutions, that enables Namibians to realise their dreams of owing assets that can enhance their quality of life. This goal can be achieved when Bank Windhoek and Estate Agents continue to work together as reliable business partners.”

After congratulating the winners, Matthee added that Bank Windhoek does not only look at maximising profits, but as a responsible corporate citizen, the bank also noticed pressure in its personal and commercial markets and has worked closely with its customers, credit department and respective branches to mitigate the negative impact of a sluggish economy.

“We will continue to nurture our customer relationships and assist them to weather the current economic climate and when circumstances change, Bank Windhoek will be here to enable the ownership of homes across a broader spectrum than is currently evident,” said Matthee.


Below is a complete list of winners:

Achiever of the Year - Top Estate Agency:

Gold: J&B Estates

Silver: Ramos Realtors Namibia

Bronze: Susan Curtis Estates

Achiever of the Year - Commercial:

Gold: Hettie Beukes of Susan Curtis Estates

Silver: Ilene Olivier of Daphne Swanepoel Properties

Bronze: Joey Gerber of Ramos Realtors Namibia

Achiever of the Year – Residential:

Gold: Saloom Hasanein of Golden Palace Property Centre

Silver: Harrold Page of HomePage

Bronze: Morne Human of J & B Estates

Awards of Excellence:

Max Schwieger of Nel’s Estates

Ilene Olivier of Daphne Swanepoel Properties

Carin Tee of Du Preez Properties

Tracey Mays of Mays Properties

Leroy Kruger of Kruger Real Estate

Daphne Swanepoel of Daphne Swanepoel Properties

Werdi Engelbrecht of My Home Properties CC

Uschi Greef of Uschi and Daine Properties CC

Charmaine Smit of Live It Properties

Claudia Lofty-Eaton of Ramos Realtors Namibia

Dassie Jansen van Vuuren of Ramos Realtors Namibia

Carin McLoud of Seeff Properties

Robert Wilson of Seeff Properties

Charleen Esterhuizen of Seeff Properties

Lorin Burger of Susan Curtis Estates

Ruth Grebien of Grobbies Estates

Claudia Walker of Luna Properties

Helvi Mupupa of Tuka Properties

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