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20 April 2018 | Life Style

Am I pregnant?

Dear Auntie Nangy, I am a 24- year-old lady. I'm worried about myself… I have signs like I'm pregnant. I used to vomit, my breasts became bigger… but this month I receive my period. Is this possible Auntie?

It is really easy to find out if you are pregnant and you could be relieved of this worry you have. Are you in a sexual relationship with anyone? You would not be in this situation if you have not have sex at all. When last did you have unprotected sex? Was it with a stable boyfriend or a random person, and perhaps this is the reason why you are freaking out? If the above questions are positive chances are you are but we can only be sure if you get tested. Missing periods does not always mean you are pregnant; stress also causes one to miss their periods. All the signs you mentioned are not 100% indicators so you cannot base your theory on that. Just go and get tested. Auntie can see you are not ready for motherhood so the next time, please make sure you use protection or abstain all together. There is more that you should be worried about from unprotected sex than just pregnancy, there are STDs too.

Am I infertile?

Dear Auntie Nangy I'm a girl, 20. I'm just concerned about my fertility. I'm having an irregular menstruation cycle - sometimes three months will just pass by without getting it. Is there a possibility that I won't have babies?

How long has this been going on? An occasional missed period is regarded as a normal thing. However, not having a regular period can be risky. I will advise you to seek professional help from a gynaecologist or go to the nearest hospital.

Toxic friends

Dear Auntie Nangy, I have a situation at school. I am in grade 11 and the people I hang around with are always trying to get me into trouble. They ask me to do things that can get me suspended and it has gone to the point where my parents were called to school twice and the third time I could get expelled. How do I leave this toxic group?

It's good that you know they are not your friends and that they are bad for you. Why do you feel the need to please these people? Do they have something on that you would do anything including being expelled? If you can't stop, stand up against these bullies on your own… why don't you go to someone else you can trust and ask them to go to the principle on your behalf? The ball is in your court and you have to decide when you want this to stop and tell those people off. You are just grade 11, you should not be this miserable. There is more to life then pleasing a group of people who don't add value to your life.

I have been naughty

Dear Auntie Nangy, I have been very naughty the past few months of this year. I have so far slept with four different men and this is usually not how I behave. The truth is I just want to be taken seriously and all these men seemed like they would. By the time I realised I just gave in, they are not evening replying my texts anymore. Now there is a fifth man who wants me to give him a chance and I am very scared. How do I know he just doesn't want to use me?

Wow girl. Please slow down before you sleep with everyone? Is this all a desperate attempt to be in a relationship? First of all, have you been using protection with any of these men? It really upsets Auntie when girls just open their legs to anyone that comes their way just to please them. A man who respects you and wants to have something serious with you will not ask you to open your legs like that. And if we are just in the fourth month how long have you stayed with each of them? And now you are contemplating the fifth man already? No child. Take a breather, get your thoughts in order and understand that running through men week after week will not make the right one come faster. Whatever you do don't give in easily with this one. Take it slow.

Very shy and awkward

Dear Auntie Nangy

I am a very socially awkward person. I am forever alone and the only friends I have are my cousins. Immediately when I knock off at work I just go home. I want to meet people and mingle too. Please help.

This basically means you are never comfortable in social settings. You are not the only one, if this will make you feel better. It's all easy, next time at work; try to make small talk starting with the person who sits next to you at work. You might love it in the end. You could also try to see a psychologist to get to the root of this. It could be something from your childhood and once you are aware of it you could get rid of this problem.

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