Auntie Nangy

01 February 2019 | Columns

Looking for love

?Dear Auntie Nangy, Please help me. I am looking for a lovely man to be in a relationship with. He must be between 28-30 years working and have his own place.

?Hi there. Please know that Auntie Nangy does not hook people up. Auntie Nangy is here simply to listen to your problems and find possible solutions. Helping you find a partner is however not one of the things I can help with.

There are alternatives such as going to a coffee shop, restaurant or hangout spots where you can find a companion. There are also apps that one can use to connect with other people in similar situations. Please be careful with all these methods, don't show that you are desperate and don't just take any men that approach you. First learn about them and do all the necessary background checks before you commit. I wish you all the best.

Side-chick, let go

?Dear Auntie Nangy, I am in love with a guy who I dated for about a month now. He told me that he has a girlfriend before we started dating. I'm very in love with him but it seems like he is no longer interested. Luckily we did not have sex yet but I was planning to do that though. Should I let him know about my feelings or what should I do? I'm confused. Please help.

?Oh dear me. So you, in your right state of mind, dated someone who you know is in a relationship? What was going through your mind not to think that this man will go back to his main eventually?

Well, now that it has happened you can only know better for next time. Telling him about your feelings will make you weak against him and he can play with your feelings. There is no guarantee that he will leave his other girlfriend for you if he has not done it already. I say let go. Try to get a life and go and live it. You will find someone more deserving.

In love and scared

?Dear Auntie Nangy, I am 18 years old and I have a guy I found on Facebook but he is not a Namibian.

He is from Germany and he told me that he has fallen in love with me too. He is coming here. Do you think I should meet him?

?I know there are many people who met online and the romance ended in a permanent relationship or marriage.

However, many more have fallen in love online and have become rape or even murder victims. The internet is now a platform for the commission of many heinous crimes. Just make sure a relative or friend of yours is with you when he comes and that you tell them about your every move.

There are criminals searching the internet every day. You have to be very, very careful. Otherwise treat him with caution. He could be in a human trafficking gang and is that what you want?

Don't want to be alone

?Dear Auntie, I have problem with my life. I'm 26 years old, I don't drink smoke or use drugs. I'm a smart man, I do every buy myself and I am good in bed too.

I am failing to understand why no woman wants to be with me. What must I do?

?Put in the work, ask yourself whether you are approachable, do some soul-searching to see whether you are confident or arrogant, because there's a difference.

Then ask yourself what your type is. What Auntie knows for sure is that everyone is attractive; some just learned to hide that, or cover it with often unattractive tendencies.

Too much love

?Dear Auntie Nangy, I am a young man of 18 and I have a problem. I have proposed to a girl who is also 18 and she did not want to me. What can I do so she agrees to date me?

?First of all, you sound very creepy. Secondly you can't force someone to like you and date you. Looking at how aggressive your text is, you probably came off too strong and scared her.

You need to go back to the drawing board and reassess your approach. Try to charm her while you are being yourself.

I'm sure she will change her mind and like you back. This is supposed to be fun, so relax a bit.

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