APP youth suspended

The APP has become the latest opposition party to be beset by leadership squabbles.

16 July 2018 | Local News

The All People's Party (APP) has suspended the president of its youth league, Sebastian Ntjamba, as well as two other youth wing members, Kaghugongo Shinereshu and Hendrick Haikera, for what it described as disrespectful conduct.

“Their behaviour is out of order and we have decided to suspend them. They have shown disrespect. They have even been using vulgar language,” party secretary-general Vincent Kanyetu told Namibian Sun.

Kanyetu said the trio had conducted themselves in a disrespectful manner.

“Over the past two weeks, they have shown that they have a different agenda to the party,” he said.

Disciplinary proceedings would be instituted against the trio, Kanyetu added.

Ntjamba said his suspension was as a result of a bid to run for the party's presidency.

According to him, party president Ignatius Shixwameni was not fulfilling his role well and had missed a lot of parliamentary sessions.

He added there was support within the APP to elect a new party president and Shixwameni only had the support of the Kavango East Region.

“We want a change in leadership. Many regions feel that we need a change of leadership, if the party is going to do well in the 2019 elections,” Ntjamba said.

According to him, the suspensions will not succeed, and if push comes to shove, the suspended trio will take the matter to court.

“They are not going to get that right,” Ntjamba said.

With the APP's elective congress due in November, he was confident he will be elected as its new president.

“I am going to stand for presidency in November. I am going to be president,” Ntjamba said.

Haikera said the party's elders were refusing to move with the times and felt threatened by the trio.

“They are showing us that they are refusing to change. They want us to clap all the time; when they say jump, we must ask how high,” Haikera said.

He reiterated the party's leadership was opposed to change.

“They are fearing that we might bring a lot of change to the organisation. They are refusing to move with the times,” he said.

Haikera added they would not relent in their quest to change the party.

“We will not stop, we are winning.”


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