Amukwiyu re-elected amid Facebook furore

Swapo’s Oshikoto regional conference re-elected Armas Amukwiyu as regional coordinator without any interference, says the party’s secretary-general, Nangolo Mbumba.

11 August 2017 | Politics


Armas Amukwiyu enjoyed overwhelming support at the recent Swapo Party Oshikoto regional conference at Omuthiya, which saw him retain his position as regional coordinator.

The conference started on Wednesday and ended around 04:00 yesterday.

Amukwiyu was contesting the Swapo regional coordinator position against former Onayena constituency councillor Marx Nekongo.

Amukwiyu garnered 67 votes and Nekongo 17.

Social media platforms were abuzz yesterday after the conference. Screenshots of messages were shared, purporting to be from Swapo secretary-general Nangolo Mbumba discussing the conference.

But Mbumba’s office denied that he was the author of the messages, saying they were concocted by people trying to score cheap political points.

“Swapo Party is baffled by the fabricated Facebook postings being circulated by some disgruntled individuals who are trying to score cheap political points. The postings in question insinuate that the secretary-general has been exchanging messages during the just-concluded Swapo Party Oshikoto regional conference,” the statement read.

“It should be clear that the said postings are pure lies and utter fabrications by those aiming at destroying the integrity and character of the secretary-general,” it further read.

Saara Shikokola was elected as Swapo’s Oshikoto regional mobiliser. She garnered 67 votes while her opponent, Anna Kambonde, received 18 votes.

The conference also endorsed deputy minister of public enterprises Engel Nawatiseb as the regional treasurer. He was elected unopposed.

Nawatiseb was expected to compete for the treasurer position with former Omuthiya councillor Armas Amukoto, who was not allowed into the conference as his name was not vetted.

The conference also nominated ten delegates to the November Swapo congress. They are: Matheus Kamati, Tuli Nunyango, Nestor Iyambo, Ndangi Sheetekela, Joseph Katukula, Martha Nangolo, Saara Shikokola, Aina Shilongo, Hanna Neshuku and Hilde Ihuhwa.

The four delegates to the Swapo congress for the central committee are yet to be elected.

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