Alleged killer cop wants his job back

A former policeman accused of murdering his two sons is suing the minister of safety and security for damages.

14 September 2017 | Justice


A former Gobabis police constable accused of murdering his two sons wants reinstatement in the force with the same pay and benefits he had before his arrest.

Albertus Ganeb (31) is on trial in the High Court in Windhoek on two charges of murder and two counts of assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.

Ganeb argues that his dismissal from the police was unfair.

“I suffered damages in an amount equal to remuneration I would have received had I not been discharged unlawfully,” Ganeb argues in his claim.

The safety and security minister is cited as a respondent in the matter.

According to Ganeb, the minister refused to reinstate him or to pay him the damages he is claiming.

Ganeb allegedly stabbed his seven-year-old son, Romeo Swartz, four times in the head on 25 April 2014. He is also accused of stabbing his four-year-old son, Gregory Swartz, at least six times, causing the boy to die six days later in hospital.

He is further accused of assaulting the mother of the deceased boys, Romilly Swartz, once in October 2013 and again in 2014.

The police have testified that when they arrived at Ganeb’s home in Epako, Gobabis, they found the body of a young boy lying in a pool of blood. In another room they found another boy on a bed, also in a pool of blood but still alive.

Ganeb later allegedly returned a call from the police saying, “You made a mistake by calling me. I have done what I have done, my girlfriend is next and then I will finish myself off later.”

However, in his plea explanation, Ganeb claimed that he was so heavily under the influence of alcohol that he had no recollection of what had happened.

According to him, he was only informed by the police after his arrest that he had killed one child and seriously wounded the other.

In his particulars of claim, Ganeb alleges that the inspector-general of the police, Sebastian Ndeitunga, on 12 May 2014 suspended him until further notice pending the completion of the investigation and his trial.

Ganeb stated that when he appeared before the Gobabis Magistrate’s Court on 19 October 2015, the court expressed annoyance with the police and prosecution for not finalising the investigation.

On that basis the case was struck from the roll, he claimed.

“Despite being free and not facing any charges and therefore despite there being no grounds for my suspension, the inspector-general failed to lift the suspension,” Ganeb argued in his particulars of claim.

He further stated that while still on suspension on 12 May 2016 he received a letter informing him that he had been discharged from the police by Ndeitunga in terms of the Police Act.

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