Aaniilonga yomomagumbo taya hupu shokadhila

Otaku tengenekwa kutya aaniilonga yeli po 72 184 moNamibia ohaya longo momagumbo nomwaalu ngoka gwa kalelapo oopresenda 10 dhaanashilonga moNamibia.

20 August 2019 | Local News

Nonando aaniilonga yomomagumbo ye li po 72 000 ohaya mono ondjambi yopetameko yooN$1 502 komwedhi, ya thika poopresenda 80 otaya popi kutya otaya hupu nuudhigu na oshe ya ningila oshidhigu okusila oshisho oofamili dhawo, omolwa iinima mbyoka ya ninga ondilo ngashiingeyi.

Opo ya vule okuhupa ohaya longo iilonga oyindji oowili oonde, opo ya vule ya gwedhe kiiyemo mbyoka haya mono.

Omauyelele ngoka ogeli oshizemo shomapekaapeko taga ithanwa 'When the minimum wage is not taking the worker home', ngoka ga ningwa koLabour Resource and Research Institute Namibia (LaRRI) na oga tulwa miilonga oshiwike sha piti.

Omapekaapeko ngoka ga ningwa oga holola kutya aaniilonga mboka ohaya longitha po ondjambi yawo ayihe yokomwedhi.

Natango oya holola kutya oopresenda dhi vulithe po dhaakuthimbinga yeli po 203 ( aaniilonga yomomagumbo ye li 155), oya holola kutya oondjambi dhawo inadhi gwana okugwanitha po oompumbwe dhawo adhihe.

Aaniilonga yamwe oya holola kutya ohaya longo iilonga oyindji uule woowili oonde, taya longele aantu ya yoolola opo ya vule okugwedha koondjambi dhawo ihe natango itaya vulu okukandulapo oompumbwe dhawo.

Oopresenda ooshona koopresenda 18, aaniilonga ye li po 35 mboka ya popi kutya oondjambi dhawo otadhi vulu okukandulapo oompumbwe dhawo dhoondya oshowo dhoka kadhi shi dhoondya komwedhi.

Momvula yo 2017 okwa tulwa miilonga opo ondjambi yopetameko yaaniilonga yomomagumbo yi kale pooN$1 502.05 komwedhi nenge N$346.89 koshiwike, ooN$69.37 mesiku nenge ooN$8.67 mowili. Aaniilonga yopokathimbo naya futwe oshimaliwa shooN$43.35 mesiku ngele ohaya longo oowili ntano.

Aaiilonga yomomagumbo yeli 203 mboka ya ningilwa omapulaapulo oopresenda dhi vulithe po 74.4% nenge yeli 151 oya popi kutya ondjambi yawo oyi li pooN$3 000 komwedhi nenge yili pevi, omanga ye li 122 ya kalelapo oopresenda 60 haya mono ondjambi yopetameko yooN$1 502. Aaniilonga owala 20 ya kalelapo oopresenda 9.9 ya popi kutya ohaya futwa oshimaliwa shi vulithe pooN$3 000 komwedhi.

Olopota ya manitha kutya sho aaniilongaa oyendji taya mono ondjambi yi li pombanda yondjambi yopetameko otashi fatululwa kutya, oyendji oya kala miilonga ethimbo le na ohaya longele moshilandopangelo moka ontseyo yondjambi yopetameko yuuvitike, noyendji ohaya longele aagandji yiilonga ye vulithe pugumwe.

Aaniilonga yeli po 79 oya popi kutya haya futwa ondjambi oshona yi li pevi lyoN$1502 kehe omwedhi omanga ye li 44 ya popi kutya ohaya futwa oshimaliwa shi li pokati koN$1 000 noN$1 500 kehe omwedhi omanga ye li po 26 ya popi kutya ondjambi yawo oyi li pokati koN$600 neN$1 000 kehe omwedhi.

Konyala oopresenda 42 dhaaniilonga mboka odha gandja omayele kutya ondjambi yi li pokati kooN$2 301 oshowo N$3 000 otayi kala ohwepo, omanga oopresenda 22 dha popi kutya andola ondjambi yopetameko nayi tulwe pooN$3 301 noN$4 300 , omanga yamwe po ya popi kutya ondjambi yopetameko ndjoka yi li pongashiingeyi oyi li nawa kwaamboka opo taya tameke iilonga.

Oshikondo shoka okwa holola sha kuta miilonga aaantu ye li po 72 000, noyendji unene aakiintu. Omakonaakono ngoka ga ningwa momvula yo 2018 oga holola kutya aaniilonga ye li po51 744 yomaaniilonga yomomagumbo 72 184 aakiintu.

Aakuthimbinga momapekaapeko ngoka ye li po 203, ye li 171 (84%) aakiintu omanga 32 ya kalelapo oopresenda (16%) aalumentu.


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