Aanapaliamende taya shekitha Omutumba gwoPashigwana

15 April 2019 | Government


Iilyo yOmutumba gwoPashigwana mbyoka tayi yi kiilonga ya lata, taya lesha iifo nokukala ya tala moongodhi dhawo pethimbo lyiilonga otaya ningitha egumbo lyoompango oshiyolithi.

Ndumba Kamwanyah okwa popi kutya onkalo yaanapaliamende taya ningi owala kehe shoka yahala pethimbo lyomitumba dhawo momutumba gwopashigwana otashi ulike aanapolitika kaye na esimaneko lyiilonga yawo.

Okwa popi kutya iilyo yopaliamende oya li ya pumbwa okukala tayi gandja oshiholelwa oshiwanawa pethimbo yeli miilonga oshowo pondje yiilonga.

Omaiyuvo gaKamwanyah okwe ga holola konima owala yomasiku sho Ominista yEgameno nUuhepelo, Charles Namoloh a monika ta tala oshinyandwa uule woominute 15 omanga e li momutumba gwopashigwana na hamasiku omale okwa li natango ta dhana uudhano kongodhi ye.

Sho a ningilwa omapulo, Namoloh okwa li a haluthwa noonkondo komanyenyeto ga ningwa kaakwashigwana molwaashoka ota tala omuvi omanga e li miilonga.

Namoloh okwa popi kutya okwa li ta tala oshinima sha simana pehala lyokupulakena koshiyetwa po shaSalmon Fleermuys gwoWorkers Revolutionary Party.

“Olye a li ta popi? Fleermuys. Otandi pulakene ngiini kuFleermuys?” Namoloh a pula.

Okwa pula opo a tseyithile kombinga yompango ndjoka tayi mu indika opamwe niilyo iikwawo opo kaya tale uuvideo pethimbo ye li momutumba gwopashigwana, ta popi kutya ye okwa li ta tala iiningwanima yilwe yopolotika.

Omathimbo ga piti, Ominista yiipindi, Tjekero Tweya okwa li a monika e li komapandja gomakwatathono gopaihole omanga e li momutumba gwopashigwana. Tweya okwa li a gandja ombili sho a ningilwa omapulo.

Iilyo yimwe ohayi monika tayi lesha iifo pehala lyokukutha ombinga miilonga yawo, naashoka itashi popilwa kOmupopi megumbo ndyoka, Peter Katjavivi.

Katjavivi okwa popi kutya otaka guna iilyo mbyoka tayi ka kala nokuninga iinima yaaheshi iilonga yawo omanga yi li momutumba.

Katjavivi okwa popi kutya iilyo mbyoka yiisimaneka itayi kala tayi dhana omaudhano koongodhi nenge tayi tala komapandja gomakwatathano gopaihole omanga yi li momutumba gwiilonga.

Frederico Links okwa popile omaiyuvo gaKamwanyah, ta popi kutya shoka kashi shi oshipe mokati kiilyo yomutumba gwopashigwana.

Okwa popi kutya oshigwana shaNamibia osho tashi pelwa ombedhi onkalo ndjoka molwaashoka ihashi katuka oonkatu dhasha, naanapaliamende oye wete kutya ihaya gumwa.

Nonando ongaaka omaihumbato ngoka otaga ningwa, konima sho Omupresidende Hage Geingob a li a popi kutya omvula yo 2019 otayi kala omvula yegwanithepo lyomilandu, nokuguna aanapaliamende mboka haya faula kiilonga, pethimbo a li a patulula omutumba omutimugoyi gwopaliamende ontihamano, iiwike ihetatu ya piti.

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