A full-time lecturer and an active researcher

Eno Akpabio has been a lecturer for 23 years and continues to serve as a professor at the University of Namibia (Unam).

17 September 2021 | People

Ndamona Jafeth

Professor Eno Akpabio’s teaching journey started in 1998 at the University of Lagos as a senior lecturer. In August that year, he joined the department of media studies at the University of Botswana where he served as a senior lecturer and became head of department.

He attained the rank of associate professor in 2009. He later moved on to the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Dar es Salaam as a full-time professor in 2011.

In November 2013, he started working as professor of information and communication studies at Unam.

Born and raised in Akwa, in Nigeria’s Ibom state, Akpabio attended school in Lagos. He attained his first degree from the University of Calabar and his master’s and PHD degrees in mass communication from the universities of Lagos and Uyo.

Akpabio is a member of the International Communication Association (ICA), which is an association for education in journalism and mass communication. He also serves on the council of the International Association of Media and Communication Research (IAMCR).

Being a leader in the ICA means that he takes up leadership positions which he is passionate about. He continues to give voice to people’s concerns as well as offering services for their interest. His job encompasses teaching, research, community and academic leadership.

He is not only a lecturer but also an active researcher who has written three books, titled ‘African Communication Systems: An Introductory Test’, ‘Writing to Win Hearts and Minds’ and his latest is ‘African Communication Systems and The Digital Age’, which was published this year.


Akpabio says his biggest achievements so far include publishing about 12 book chapters and 36 journal articles. “But I still have other irons in the fire and I look forward to accomplishing these also,” he says.

Adding onto his accomplishments and duties, Akpabio is the editor of the Journal for Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences at Unam. He wishes to publish more journals and make a greater impact in academia.

10 Facts about Eno Akapbio

1. He is a father and a husband.

2. He is a very cheerful man.

3. He is an author.

4. He is a researcher.

5. He is a professor.

6. He is the head of department at Unam Echo.

7. He has a podcast on Facebook and TikTok called Zoom Sermonette.

8. He is an editor.

9. He is a board member of the international committees.

10. He is God fearing.

“Teaching is a calling and even though it is as hectic as I have described so far, it is also very fulfilling,” he says. Akpabio is involved in supervising and giving feedback to postgraduate and undergraduate students about their research, teaching, grading assignments, reading through submissions as well as responding to students’ issues. Akpabio has a couple of dreams but his priority at the moment is getting another book out soon.

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