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Horticulture promises significant growth

The production of fresh fruit and vegetables in Namibia is on the increase.
According to statistics from the Namibian Agronomic Board (NAB), the national turnover of fresh produce increased in value from N$ 55million in the third quarter of 2013 to N$ 87 million in the third quarter of 2014.
During the same period in 2014, 52 % of the fresh fruit and vegetables consumed in Namibia were produced locally, meaning that only 48% of Namibia’s fresh fruit and vegetable requirements needed to be imported.
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Fake diamond scams rock Namibia

The recent incident where an Indian businessman was duped into buying fake diamonds was not a unique case, as many other people are lured to the country under the impression that they are buying real diamonds.
Diwakar Dhyani was conned out of close to a million Namibian dollars when he bought what he thought was uncut diamonds after an internet search for African rough-diamond suppliers.
Police spokesman Edwin Kanguatjivi said this type of scam is common and that people get drawn in on a website by scammers who pretend to sell real diamonds.
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Fuel prices to remain unchanged

The Ministry of Mines and Energy has announced that the petrol and diesel pump prices for March will remain unchanged - with octane unleaded petrol at N$7.310 per litre and diesel at N$7.191 per litre at the coast.
The ministry said yesterday that a significant fluctuation in the price of crude oil was not observed over the course of this month, leaving prices hovering around US$60 per barrel.
“However, the exchange rate for the month under review was quite high, at an average of N$ 11.5745 per US$1, said the statement.
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Blood urgently needed

The Namibia Blood Transfusion Services (NamBTS) is appealing to all eligible blood donors to make a donation immediately.
NamBTS said in a media statement it has less than three days’ worth of inventory of the major blood groups on hand.
It said the ideal level of inventory for blood products is between five and eight days.
NamBTS spokesperson Zita Tobin said the company may face difficulty meeting the expected hospital demand across the country.
“The reason for the low blood stock is because demand has simply increased tremendously, said Tobin.
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Living like prisoners in govt flats

Government has been accused of a lack of ethics and morals, for allowing their employees to live in atrocious conditions, including dilapidated buildings and overcrowded accommodation.
This also includes ten San students who are living in a one-bedroom government flat.
National Assembly Parliamentary Standing Committee on Public Accounts Chairperson, Usutuaije Maamberua, said some people were living like prisoners in government accommodation.
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Police cover Martha’s funeral expenses

Martha Ndakulilwa Iilonga, the 21-year-old nursing student who died on February 19, a week after she was shot by the police in Windhoek, was buried yesterday at her home village of Iihamayongwe in the Omusati Region.
The police covered the funeral expenses and provided a tombstone. A police chaplain was also sent to deliver a message of condolence from Police Inspector-General Sebastian Ndeitunga.
In the message read by a police chaplain Hafeni Mwaningange, Ndeitunga expressed immense regret, profound sorrow, shock and dismay about Martha’s tragic death.
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Thirst for land: Councils ready

Municipalities and town councils are braced to accept thousands of applications today, as part of a national campaign to facilitate land for ordinary Namibians.
The campaign, organised by suspended Swapo youth politicians Job Amupanda, George Kambala and Dimbulukeni Nauyoma, has evoked widespread reaction from the ruling party in the run-up to today.
It is known as Affirmative Repositioning’ and late last year over 14 000 people handed in their land applications to the City of Windhoek as part of the campaign.
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The great Chinese debate

Swapo Party Youth League (SPYL) Secretary Elijah Ngurare has called on the Land of the Brave to scrutinise Chinese activities in Namibia, in terms of quality of construction, as well as how to further Namibia’s national interest versus what China wants to get out of the relationship.
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More NG Kerk cracks over anti-racism creed

More cracks have emerged in the NG Kerk over it not adopting of an anti-racism confession, which denounces segregation between Christians of different races in the church.
In a local daily, Schalk Pienaar of the NG Kerk in Namibia accused church leaders of deliberately confusing members about the essence of the creed.
According to Pienaar the church leadership decided that those who want to confess to apartheid sins cannot do it.
“Is it not the responsibility of leaders to take people over borders, where they themselves are not prepared to do? he asked.
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Engineer faces lengthy rape sentence

Arguments have closed in aggravation and mitigation of sentence, following the High Court rape conviction of Epafraditus Dokotora Unengu - an engineer who according to his lawyer used to earn N$400 000 per year.
Judge Christie Liebenberg yesterday postponed the matter to next Thursday for sentencing.
Unengu was remanded in custody.
The 34-year-old accused, wearing blue overall trousers, a black T-shirt and in black slippers, had his bail withdrawn last week, after he was convicted of rape and assault with the intent to do grievous bodily harm.
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