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Chinese rhino horn case postponed

The case involving four Chinese men accused of smuggling 14 rhino horns worth more than N$2 million out of Namibia has been postponed to today.
Li Zhibing, Li Xiaoliang and Pu Xuexin were caught with 14 rhino horns worth N$2.3 million as well as a leopard skin worth about N$50 000 in their luggage on March 24 last year at Hosea Kutaku International Airport.
Wang Hui was arrested later this year at the Windhoek Country Club and Resort.
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DTA speaks out on farm attacks

The escalating attacks on commercial farmers over the past two decades point to a deep-rooted culture that disregards the significant contribution that commercial farms make to the economy and lives of many Namibians.
This is according to the president of the DTA, McHenry Venaani, who was responding to the latest spate of murders.
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Four die in horror crash at Onankali

Four people died in a blaze when a heavy truck collided head-on with a sedan and both caught fire at Onankali village on the Ondangwa-Omuthiya main road on Wednesday evening. According to the Oshikoto Police Commander, Anne-Marie Nainda, the accident happened about 21:30. An Onankali resident told Namibian Sun that he rushed to the scene of the accident and heard those trapped in the burning car screaming for help. “We stood by helplessly as the two vehicles were engulfed by fire,” he said. Read more about Four die in horror crash at Onankali


Health minister did not pull punches

In an exclusive interview with Namibian Sun, Haufiku shared his frustration with the ‘mess’ at the Okahao State Hospital and the stink in hospital corridors including the toilet next to his own office.
He also vented his frustration about non-performing contractors who fail to deliver and yet are granted new tenders.
According to him, the contractors awarded the tender to build the N$38 million TB ward at Keetmanshoop did substandard work and left the project incomplete. Questionably, the same contractor was assigned the Okahao tender, which Haufiku described as a mess.
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Namibian Sun, Cymot donate to Kunene school

Namibian Sun and Cymot have come to the rescue to Omuhonga Primary School after a recent article on the plight of pupils who spend the chilly winter nights out in the open.
Namibian Sun, which is a division of Namibia Media Holdings, joined Cymot and agreed to donate 100 blankets, 25 tents that can accommodate up to four children and a marquee tent to be used as a classroom. The items have a total value of N$98 000.
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Shoprite strike continues

The strike by Shoprite employees who stopped work on Tuesday continued yesterday.
The Katutura Shoprite branch has been closed since Tuesday.
The employees are demanding benefits such as medical aid, transport and housing allowances and an explanation why they cannot join a trade union.
Hundreds of Shoprite-Checkers employees, who claim they work 12 hours a day for 60 cents per hour with no lunch or coffee breaks, marched from the Katutura Shoprite branch to the Ministry of Labour offices in Khomasdal to seek assistance.
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NEFF condemns Gaddafi son’s death sentence

The Namibia Economic Freedom Fighters (NEFF) has condemned the death sentence imposed on Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, the son of late Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, and others.
“It’s foremost against the will of God and the International Court of Justice has failed to execute its duty. We consequently call upon the African Union (AU), United Nations (UN) and the International Court of Justice to intervene and save the lives of the Libyan people,” said NEFF.
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Serial rapist sent to jail for 82 years

Acting High Court Judge Collins Parker sentenced Engelbert Oxurub, 48, to 82 years in prison for rape on Tuesday.
“The accused is a cruel and despicable man,” the judge said.
He said Oxurub had robbed two women and two young girls of their dignity in a cruel and despicable manner and showed no remorse for his criminal deeds. The rapes were committed over a period of two years, between 2008 and 2009.
Judge Parker said the lengthy prison sentence was meant to protect people from Oxurub.
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American to hear sanity ruling on Monday

High Court Judge John Liebenberg will rule on Monday whether American murder suspect Marcus Thomas is fit to stand trial.
This week he heard arguments from the State and the defence on the findings of a report on Thomas’s mental state.
A multi-disciplinary team had found that Thomas is not fit to stand trial because he suffers from memory loss. But clinical psychologist Lydia Nangolo emphasised that they still needed input from a neurologist.
On Monday, the judge will rule whether Thomas will be referred for further evaluation by a specialist.
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Nampol Air Wing chief in firing line

The police have confirmed an internal investigation into allegations against the head of its Air Wing Directorate, Commissioner Flip Blaauw.
Sandi Isaacs, head of the External Legal Affairs Division, informed Namibian Sun that while some of the allegations “are not correct”, they are viewed in a very serious light.
The probe stems from allegations contained in a document in possession of Namibian Sun.
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