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Wasp venom to cure cancer?

Following extensive research, a toxin in the sting kills cancer cells without harming normal cells – according to lab studies. The University of Brazil team say the experimental therapy latches to tumour cells and makes them leak vital molecules.
The work is at an early stage and more studies are needed to check the method will work safely in humans. Polybia paulista is an aggressive social wasp endemic in south-east Brazil.
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Agribank provides new drought relief facilities

The Agricultural Bank of Namibia (Agribank) has developed four new drought relief facilities for farmers which they can apply for before February next year.
The current drought situation is taking its toll on the agriculture sector, with potential devastating effects on food security and the livelihood of farmers in certain areas.
Agribank has invited farmers to apply for these facilities as it is of importance to the sector in order to mitigate the effects of the drought, according to a media statement issued on Tuesday and published in local media.
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Lead investigator into E-Med Rescue crash replaced

Namibian Sun has reliably learned that the South African lead investigator into the crash of a Namibian ambulance plane on August 16, Jan du Plessis, has been relieved of his duties.
Du Plessis, a Senior Aircraft Accident Investigator at the South African Civil Aviation Authority, had been in charge of the investigation from the start and according to sources in Cape Town, the preliminary report on the crash was being finalised before he was replaced.
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Ministers sign on Sunday

Government ministers will sign their performance management agreements on Sunday after a three-day Cabinet retreat that will be opened by President Hage Geingob today.
The retreat, at a resort near Windhoek, will be closed by the President on Sunday afternoon.
A media invitation said the government had contracted consultants from the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) to advise ministers on the contracts.
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Water crisis: Government knew

A feasibility study has found that there are only two long-term options for supplying extra water to central Namibia, which faces severe water shortage in the near future. However, it will take about ten years to fully implement these long-term plans and in the meantime, medium-term solutions will cost more than a billion dollars.
The only two long-term options are desalinated seawater from the coast or abstraction from the Okavango River.
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State wraps up case against Barman

The State says it has established beyond reasonable doubt that Jeffrey Barman should be found guilty of the murder of Melani Booysen in November 2012.
Barman’s explanations as to how Booysen sustained the fatal injuries were implausible, State Prosecutor Zimba Nduna told the Windhoek High Court yesterday.
Barman pleaded not guilty to the murder of Booysen. Her throat was cut with a broken glass during her daughter’s birthday party on November 10, 2012 in Golgota, Katutura.
Barman further pleaded not guilty to two attempted murder charges and a charge of assault.
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United Nations predicts drought

The current El Nino weather pattern may be on track to become one of the strongest in more than half a century, experts at the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO)said on Tuesday.
The El Nino event involves a shift in winds in the Pacific Ocean along the equator every few years, warming the water more than usual and triggering a change in global weather patterns.
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Shot of the day

FOR THE KING: Maidens sing and dance during the last day of the annual royal Reed Dance at the Ludzidzini Royal palace on Monday in Lobamba, Swaziland. Umhlanga or The Reed Dance is a beauty pageant at which King Mswati III can choose a new wife from one of tens of thousands of young virgins who come to dance before him. Photo: NAMPA/AFP Read more about Shot of the day

Health challenges are being addressed

Health Minister Bernard Haufiku while acknowledging that the health delivery in the country is impeded by challenges, has assured the country that the ministry is working on finding solutions for what he termed contentious issues.
Haufiku was addressing community members in Swakopmund.
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Medical experts join ministry

The aim of the outreach programme is to impart knowledge and instil confidence in local doctors as well as to strategise and develop a roll-out plan of similar campaigns for other district hospitals.
The team will be performing surgeries and delivering babies at the Katima Mulilo District Hospital. The team is expected to return on Saturday.
Dr Kimberg, who has delivered more than 10 000 babies during his career as gynaecologist, said he admires Haufiku for his efforts to improve medicine at peripheral hospitals.
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