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Mbumba says 'it’s cold outside Swapo’

As Namibia’s ruling party prepares to celebrate its 55th birthday tomorrow, secretary-general Nangolo Mbumba says if there is one thing they have learnt over the years, it is that it is cold outside Swapo.
He said this was evident by all the breakaway parties that had been formed and decimated, while Swapo continues to dominate.
“One lesson we have learned is that those who have broken away from the mother party, those who thought they can be leaders outside Swapo, those who thought they are important and bigger than Swapo, have learned a lesson,” a confident Mbumba said.
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Calls for modern abattoir at Opuwo

Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP) parliamentarian Mike Kavekotora has called for the establishment of a modern abattoir with processing facilities at Opuwo in the Kunene Region.
Kavekotora made this statement in the National Assembly on Wednesday during his maiden speech on the Appropriation Bill of 2015, when he called on the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry to consider the establishment of an abattoir, as such a move makes economic sense.
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Shaningwa warns councillors about dishing out land

Minister of Rural and Urban Development Sophia Shaningwa has issued a stern warning to local authority councillors, saying they would no longer be allowed to dish out land as they wished.
Shaningwa was responding to questions raised by DTA parliamentarian Elma Dienda about land sales by the Okahandja Municipality.
Shaningwa said the Okahandja Municipality must answer for what appears to be “gross negligence”.
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Suspend SA from SADC, AU - Ngurare

Swapo Party Youth League (SPYL) Secretary Elijah Ngurare says South Africa should be suspended from the African Union (AU) and SADC, following gruesome xenophobic attacks in that country that have seen five foreigners being murdered.
Ngurare will also be organising a demonstration to the South African High Commission in Windhoek, to protest against the ongoing targeting of foreigners in the neighbouring country, which has displaced hundreds, including women and children.
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BRUTAL WINDHOEK Passion killer jailed for 32 years

Richard Hange, 27, who brutally killed his girlfriend in 2011 by hitting her with a blunt object and stabbing her, has been imprisoned to an effective 32 years by the High Court.
He was convicted of murdering Lisa Kandovazu in Windhoek’s Havana informal settlement on September 27, 2011.
Judge Christie Liebenberg said yesterday that Hange’s rehabilitation should take place in prison.
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Conradie wants trial delayed

Windhoek lawyer Dirk Conradie will hear today whether his application for a postponement until next Thursday, to enable his South African lawyer to appear for him, will be granted.
Conradie wants a postponement until next week so that South African senior counsel - advocate Vincent Maleka - can appear for him and his co-accused Sara Damases in the High Court.
Their instructing attorney Slysken Makando told the court that Maleka’s work permit had expired and he is expected to be issued with a new one today.
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Pohamba foundation awards bursaries

The Hifikepunye Pohamba Foundation awarded bursaries to seven students on Tuesday.
The foundation, which has been operating for three years, focuses on providing assistance to agriculture students.
Six students were awarded with N$15 000 and a laptop each.
The remaining student, Dimitri Andries, 19, received a full scholarship.
Dimitri is a second-year student at the Polytechnic of Namibia and is pursuing a Bachelor’s in Agriculture.
Originally from Tses, Dimitri says he has always had a passion for agriculture because he grew up on a farm.
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Land issue can lead to conflict - Diescho

Political scientist Professor Joseph Diescho says the land issue in Namibia may lead to conflict.
This is because the Nama, OvaHerero and Basters do not just want land, but want to reclaim their ancestral land.
According to him the Kavango people have too much land, but are not prepared to share it with other ethnic groups whose ancestral land is no longer useful.
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Parenting, child behaviour in the spotlight

Children's behaviour is adversely affected by how they are reared by their parents or caregivers, who must be involved in a child’s development and provide the necessary support at all times.
Speaking at the official opening of a three-day national parenting conference in Windhoek on Tuesday, Deputy Minister of Health and Social Services Juliet Kavetuna said: “Parents who are uninvolved in their children's development tend to raise children who lack warmth in their interactions. Such children also have low self-esteem, lack self-control and are less competent than their peers.”
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Nekundi wants production targets for commercial land

The issue of land and affordable housing in Namibia was a hot topic in Parliament this week, when Swapo parliamentarians Veikko Nekundi and Sophia Swartz raised it during their contribution to the budget debate.
Nekundi said the National Assembly must consider passing a law that obliges commercial land owners to enter into production agreements with the government.
The government should then have the authority to repossess the land if production targets are not met, he said.
Nekundi proposed that the repossessed land be given to productive Namibians.
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