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The litigation process about fishing quotas initiated by Namsov against the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources continues.
Its outcome will determine whether the fishing company will proceed with a N$600 million investment in an onshore processing factory to be completed in 2016, according to Bidfish MD Jan
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Suspended NTA boss wants name cleared

The suspended chief executive officer of the Namibia Training Authority (NTA), Maria Nangolo-Rukoro, says her employer will have to clear her name.
Nangolo-Rukoro said that would constitute justice in her long-dragging labour dispute with the institution.
Yesterday, Nangolo-Rukoro called a press briefing on her two-year-old suspension, but refused to give details on what had led to the suspension.
“When I was suspended, I was called a criminal. So justice to me will be anything that decriminalises me. Anything that clears my name,” said Nangolo-Rukoro.
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ACC clears RCC’s Oosthuizen

The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has received the original documents that were requested from the Road Contractor Company’s acting Chief Executive Officer, Dr Pieter Oosthuizen, to verify his qualifications and are satisfied with them.
The ACC requested proof of the authenticity of Oosthuizen’s qualifications, following allegations that the American university mentioned on his CV did not exist at the time he acquired the qualifications.
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Okaku’s dead snake disappears

The dead snake that allegedly caused mysterious illnesses at Okaku in the Oshana Region recently, has disappeared from its grave.
This is yet another mystery in a long line of strange happenings that left residents of Ondangi village in the Okaku Constituency baffled.
It all started when five children allegedly found a mysterious snake fighting against a chameleon and stoned it to death.
Moments later an elderly female villager turned up and allegedly demanded that “her snake” be given back to her - alive.
What happened afterwards was an astonishing story.
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Namibians warned about communicating with Shaduka

Police Inspector-General Sebastian Ndeitunga says there are Namibians who communicate with fugitive Lazarus Shaduka and know his whereabouts.
The police chief warned that when Shaduka is apprehended, those who knew his whereabouts will suffer the same fate as he. “Remember they are harbouring a fugitive,” he said.
Shaduka fled Namibia in 2012 after the Supreme Court found him guilty of murdering his wife and sentenced him to an effective 20 years’ imprisonment.
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Cops accused of domestic violence to lose guns

Police Inspector-General Sebastian Ndeitunga has advised police officers who have relationship or martial problems to approach the Gender and Welfare Directorate in the force to be assisted with counselling.
He also urged members of the public to report any sign or suspicion of violent behaviour in relationships involving police officers, so that the police can act and confiscate their firearms.
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Namibia, Angola sign bridge deal

The Namibian and Angolan government on Friday signed an agreement on the construction of three international bridges across the Okavango River.
The Minister for International Relations and Cooperation, Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwah, and Angola’s Minister for Foreign Affairs, Georges Chicoti, signed the agreement at Calai in southern Angola.
Nandi-Ndaitwah said the bridges would boost socio-economic development in both countries.
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First of two winners in Vivo Energy campaign chosen

Ondangwa resident Hileni Angula this week became the first of two weekly winners to scoop the N$1 000 cash prize, up for grabs in the Vivo Energy/ Namibian Sun Easter National Road Safety Campaign.
“I was just reading through the newspaper and decided to take a chance,” an exited Angula told Namibian Sun yesterday.
“I think I’m definitely using this to buy clothing for my baby.”
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Gender violence robbing country of voters - Sioka

Gender-based violence is robbing political parties of their voters.
This is according to Minister of Gender Equality and Child Welfare Doreen Sioka.
She urged political parties to use this year’s local authority election speeches to address gender-based violence.
“The people who are dying are our voters. It is disheartening to learn that 28% of Namibian women still believe that it is okay to be beaten by your spouse for simple reasons such as burning food,” said Sioka.
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Why IUM student murder suspects were freed

The Office of the Prosecutor-General has clarified why the suspects arrested for the killing of International University of Management (IUM) student Eliakim Kandali Inane more than two years ago were freed last week by the Windhoek Magistrate’s Court in Katutura.
Justice Ministry spokesperson Simon Idipo said it was reported that the suspects, Llewellyn Beukes and Wildrew Visagie, were freed because the decision from PG's office whether to prosecute or not was not available.
He denied this.
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