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Explosives: American navy trains Namibian soldiers

Members of the Namibian Defence Force (NDF) are currently undergoing an Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD) level-one training programme, led by the United States navy mobile unit.
The training is taking place in Otavi, about 350 km from Windhoek.
The purpose of the programme is to strengthen Namibia’s institutional capabilities by training future instructors to identify threats including landmines, air-dropped bombs and missiles.
The participants will pass on their new skills by instructing other members from their respective units.
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Marginalised communities still govt priority

Deputy Minister of Marginalised Communities in the Office of the Vice-President, Royal /Ui/o/oo, has reaffirmed that the livelihood of minority tribes in Namibia remains a government priority.
He said marginalised communities still carry the physical and psychological effects of the harsh treatment they were subjected to during the colonial era.
/Ui/o/oo said this during his first visit to the Zambezi Region on Tuesday, where he familiarised himself with activities relating to marginalised communities, such as the San people of Wayawaya, Omega, Chetto, and Bwabwata.
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IUM to host career fairs

The International University of Management (IUM) will host fairs at schools in the Kavango and Zambezi regions to lure potential students to the institution.
The fairs will commence on May 26 and run until June 12.
The main aim of this is to share information with secondary school learners regarding the various graduate programmes offered at IUM.
IUM added in a statement that admission requirements and all relevant information required for students to pursue their education at the university will be shared.
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Expose me if I lie - Geingob

After declaring his assets and those of the First Lady yesterday, President Hage Geingob challenged anyone with information on any hidden riches through proxies to prove that.
Geingob was reacting to a question by Namibian Sun on whether it was true that he could be hiding some of his assets somewhere in blind trusts and proxies.
“Bring the proxies. Do your homework, bring them, expose me,” said Geingob.
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Money, money, money

Namibia First Couple has a combined worth of over N$100 million.
This was revealed yesterday at a media conference, where the President outlined how property and other deals had secured him financially over the years. His purchases had included a home in an upmarket American suburb, as well as a 12-hectare Windhoek plot and a Grootfontein farm. He also owned plots in Swakopmund at some stage and lists a Henties Bay home as a personally owned asset. The other immovable properties are in the name of his family trust.
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First Couple sitting pretty

Reports on the wealth of President Hage Geingob and First Lady Monica Kalondo, compiled by PwC Namibia, have revealed a number of assets and income generators, including investment accounts, as well as property and other business interests.
Geingob has several accounts at Nedbank Namibia, including an 88-Day Notice Account with a balance of N$7 million.
Among his other Nedbank account is a one which has N$1.8 million and another with a little over N$1 million.
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Koevoet veteran on the streets for 25 years

This is the reality faced by Koevoet veteran 59-year-old Daniel Swartbooi every day, who has been surviving on the streets of Windhoek for 25 years.
After staying in different places over the years, he has for the past 17 years been living outside the Owela Museum in the centre of Windhoek.
He sleeps and cooks in the open.
He told Namibian Sun he is from Warmbad, a village close to Karasburg, but later moved to Gibeon.
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Texan hunter bags Namibian black rhino trophy

Controversial Texan hunter Corey Knowlton is in the country, has already shot his prized Namibian black rhino and will also be allowed to take his hunting trophy home to America.
This was confirmed by the Minister of Environment and Tourism, Pohamba Shifeta, who said he met with the hunter and his entourage last week.
The hunt took place in the North on Monday after Knowlton jetted into the country last Wednesday.
Shifeta confirmed that Knowlton shot the rhino this week and said that after the hunting expidition they returned to the capital yesterday.
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Rhino horn smuggling ‘kingpin’ arrested

There has been a major breakthrough with the arrest of a Chinese man whom the police believe to be the kingpin in one of Namibia’s biggest rhino-horn smuggling cases.
Wang Huii was arrested on Monday at the Windhoek Country Club and has been charged with the possession and export of controlled wildlife products. He appeared in the Windhoek Regional Court in Katutura yesterday.
The 40-year-old Huii is being linked to the three Chinese men who were arrested with 14 rhino horns last year at the Hosea Kutaku International Airport.
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Urgent call as blood stocks dwindle

Only 1% of eligible blood donors donate to the country’s blood bank and stocks are once again at critical levels.
Namibia Blood Transfusion Services (NamBTS) spokesperson Zita Tobin said yesterday that they currently only have blood to last for five days
She said NamBTS has undertaken various activities to lure more blood donors into using mobile clinics across the country.
Tobin said 25 potential blood donors needed to be guaranteed before a mobile clinic is set.
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