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Fly Blue Crane introduces cheaper flights

South African airline Fly Blue Crane will launch a new route between Windhoek and Cape Town next month.
The regional airline has received approval from South African and Namibian authorities to launch its first regional service between the two countries, a media statement issued by the company on Wednesday said.
A return ticket from Windhoek to Cape Town will cost about N$1 800.
“Exact flight schedules on the route will be released soon,” the media statement said.
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One toy gun and 343 real guns siezed

Drugs worth over N$1.7 million have been seized so far by the Namibian police under the crime prevention strategy Operation Omake which was launched in November last year.
Listing the operation’s achievements, safety and security minister, Charles Namoloh, told parliament this week that 2 011 rounds of ammunition were seized while 305 pistols, 24 rifles and four revolvers have been impounded since the inception of the operation. In addition, the police seized ten shotguns and one toy gun while firearms used in the commission of violent crimes totalled 42.
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Ethical hunting a priority

Conservancies in Namibia have this week resolved that they will uphold ethical hunting practices amid the growing pressure from anti-hunting lobbyists against the sustainable use of wildlife.
The resolution was one of 16 that were taken by conservancy chairpersons representing the 82 registered communal conservancies and the Kyaramacan Association during the Conservancies Chairperson Forum that took place under the theme of conservation hunting.
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Windhoek needs to up water savings

Windhoek has been achieving 20% water savings but is still below the 30% savings required to extend the dwindling water supply from the three storage dams.
In addition, a water expert has said that when the dam water runs out, which is expected by the end of November, the city’s water supply will be cut by at least 40%, “if we are lucky.”
“We will need to save 40% when the water runs out. It could be earlier or later, depending on the water savings,” he said.
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Swapo Four ‘must assume they’re back’

Swapo lawyer Dirk Conradie says since the High Court has declared the expulsion of Job Amupanda, Dimbulukeni Nauyoma, George Kambala and Elijah Ngurare as null and void, they should assume they are back in the party.
Conradie was responding to a letter written by the so-called Swapo Four’s lawyer, which set a deadline for the Swapo Party, through its secretary-general, to implement the court order by today.
The Swapo Four’s lawyer, Amupanda Kamanja, said his clients had not received any written communication from Mbumba in compliance with last Friday’s court ruling.
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Swartbooi wants restorative justice

Deputy Land Reform Minister Clinton Swartbooi says the Nama and OvaHerero genocide and the issue of land are inseparable.
The Swapo MP, who was making his contribution on a motion to set aside a day to commemorate the genocide in Parliament on Wednesday, questioned the government’s land policies. He said they must be scrutinised to see whether they are addressing the values of restorative justice.
The motion for a Genocide Remembrance Day was tabled by Swanu president Usutuaije Maamberua in the National Assembly on Tuesday.
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A painful pilgrimage

About 300 Namibians have their travel bags packed and their vehicles ready. They will start assembling at the Oshikango border post this afternoon ready to cross into Angola first thing tomorrow morning.
They are on their way to the historic Cassinga settlement situated in the southern Huila province of Angola about 200 kilometres north of the Namibian border.
This is the first time in 26 years that Namibians have organised themselves to go and commemorate Cassinga Day at Cassinga.
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Water pinch could cost building jobs

With the impending threat of at least 40% water cuts at the end of the year the construction industry could face a possible mandatory slowdown next year, with concerns that even a temporary stop to new projects could affect the industry severely.
The suggestion to temporarily clamp down on tenders for big construction projects in Windhoek once the dams run dry was met with concerns that the ripple effect of such a move would be severe.
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Shot of the day

MOTHER LOVE: A hippo cub pictured with its mother at Shanghai Zoo, Shanghai, east China on 27April 2016. Shanghai Zoo greeted some new-born animals recently, with a black-backed jackal giving birth to quintuplets and a hippo giving birth to a cub. Photo: NAMPA/XINHUA Read more about Shot of the day

MPs support Genocide Remembrance Day

Parliamentarians overwhelmingly supported a motion for a Genocide Remembrance Day tabled by Swanu president Usutuaije Maamberua in the National Assembly on Tuesday.
The date proposed for this day is 28 May, the day when all concentration camps were ordered to close. According to Maamberua, it is ironic that latter genocides such as the Armenian genocide of 1915, the Jewish holocaust of 1933 to 1946 as well as the Rwandan 1994 genocide are remembered annually.
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