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Budget 2015

Minister of Finance Calle Schettwein has announced a pro-poor budget. Read more about Budget 2015


Minimum wage for domestic workers comes into effect

The new minimum wage for Namibia’s approximately 46 000 domestic workers must be implemented from today.
The Minister of Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment Creation, Erkki Nghimtina, said research has established that 45% of domestic workers earn below N$600 per month.
He announced on Monday that the new minimum wage of N$1 218 for fulltime domestic workers would be effective from April 1.
He said domestic workers must also be paid N$10.53 per hour for overtime and N$14.04 per hour on Sundays and public holidays.
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Murder confessions admissibility ruling soon

A ruling is expected next month in terms of the admissibility of confessions made by one of the accused in the murder of 78-year-old Gideon Johannes Stoop.
High Court Judge Alfred Siboleka earlier this week postponed the matter to April 27 for judgment.
Stoop was killed in his garden flat in Shilunga Street, Cimbebasia between August 28 and 29 in 2009.
The deceased was found tied up in the toilet with a stab wound to his chest.
A stolen television set and a cellphone were recovered.
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MPs are ready for the task ahead

Speaker of the National Assembly Peter Katjavivi is confident that the induction course for members of the Sixth Parliament will ensure robust debates and discussions in the National Assembly.
He added that there was a great sense of commitment and interest by members during the weeklong induction.
“It was remarkable to observe that throughout the weeklong deliberations, the majority of the members actively participated in the proceedings.
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Sweeteners make life bitter for diabetes patients

The Ministry of Health and Social Services has urged diabetic patients to contact customer care officials at hospitals in order for them to be assisted by a dietician.
Ministry spokesperson Ester Paulus was responding to the plight of an unemployed 51-year-old diabetic patient, who asked if the ministry can supply diabetic patients with artificial sweeteners, as it is too costly for her to buy.
Paulus said the ministry has dieticians at their referral hospitals, whom patients can contact.
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Erongo roads claim four lives

Deputy Commissioner Ottilie Kashuupulwa has confirmed that road accidents in the Erongo Region killed 11 people last week.
Edgar Holter, 70, a German tourist, died last Thursday after the 4x4 vehicle he was driving got stuck in sand and caught fire with him trapped inside. The incident took place in the Ugab Valley. Holter’s wife and granddaughter escaped before the flames engulfed the vehicle.
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Young man hangs himself while roommate sleeps

A 30-year-old resident from Build Together in Swakopmund, Gabriel Iileni Willem, committed suicide and was found dead by a family member around 06:30 on Monday morning. He had hung himself, and friends and family are still in shock following the incident, since there had been no sign that he was suicidal. According to his mother Lydia Andreas, Gabriel spent the Sunday afternoon sitting outside in the backyard with friends. He later went to his bedroom which he shared with a nephew for a nap at around 14:00. Read more about Young man hangs himself while roommate sleeps



The litigation process about fishing quotas initiated by Namsov against the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources continues.
Its outcome will determine whether the fishing company will proceed with a N$600 million investment in an onshore processing factory to be completed in 2016, according to Bidfish MD Jan
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Suspended NTA boss wants name cleared

The suspended chief executive officer of the Namibia Training Authority (NTA), Maria Nangolo-Rukoro, says her employer will have to clear her name.
Nangolo-Rukoro said that would constitute justice in her long-dragging labour dispute with the institution.
Yesterday, Nangolo-Rukoro called a press briefing on her two-year-old suspension, but refused to give details on what had led to the suspension.
“When I was suspended, I was called a criminal. So justice to me will be anything that decriminalises me. Anything that clears my name,” said Nangolo-Rukoro.
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ACC clears RCC’s Oosthuizen

The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has received the original documents that were requested from the Road Contractor Company’s acting Chief Executive Officer, Dr Pieter Oosthuizen, to verify his qualifications and are satisfied with them.
The ACC requested proof of the authenticity of Oosthuizen’s qualifications, following allegations that the American university mentioned on his CV did not exist at the time he acquired the qualifications.
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