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Omukokele a pewa omimvo o-55 konima yekumba

Omulumentu e li moomvula dhuukokele ngoka e li omuniilonga mofaalama okwa monika ondjo moshipotha shokutsan ombele aantu yaali sigo omeso mOshitopolwa shaHardap mo-2009 nomo-2011 na okwa pewa egeelo lyokukala modholongo oomvula 55. Read more about Omukokele a pewa omimvo o-55 konima yekumba


Two Etosha poachers nabbed

Two men, aged 32 and 40, were arrested by members of Namibian police’santi-poaching unit in Etosha.
They were found in possession of unlicensed firearms. The police reacted to a tip-off from a member of the public who said the men were planning an incursion into the park.
The police said they had not yet determined whether the two men were linked to previous rhino poaching cases, but one of the suspects is linked to an elephant poaching case outside Etosha that took place during May this year.
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Farmers beef up export battle

With no cattle having left the country since the introduction of South Africa’s new livestock import regulations that came into effect on 1 July, Namibian farmers are irate about the requirements that are forcing them to test their entire herds for diseases such as Tuberculosis amounting to thousands of dollars.
At an open day that was held by the Meat Board of Namibia, farmers expressed their frustration with South Africa and said that the Namibian government must immediately address the situation.
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HIV vaccine trial offers hope

Talks of a new vaccine offers hope to millions, but a World Health Organisation (WHO) representative says while the vaccine shows great potential, we should continue to strengthen existing preventative methods.
The WHO representative in Namibia, Professor Monir Islam said the vaccine is one of the many vaccines that went through small trials in the past, including in countries like South Africa and Thailand.
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HIV won't end without gays

Sir Elton John has told journalists attending the International Aids Conference in Durban that he believes that the battle against HIV will not be won without better support for LGBTI individuals in Africa.
He is of the view that the spread of HIV will not be curbed unless everyone is drawn into the battle – gay and lesbian groups included.
“No one should be left behind,” the English singer-songwriter and one of the most highly acclaimed solo artists told journalists at the 21st International Aids conference on Wednesday.
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Stadium millions diverted

Construction of the Eenhana Multi-Purpose Sport Complex remains incomplete six years after the first foundation was laid.
While the Eenhana complex lies abandoned, the government is going ahead with the construction of a similar facility at Outapi, of which phase one is already under way amid financial constraints.
The Ministry of Sport has declined to disclose the total amount of money needed for the construction of the facilities.
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Pensioner gets 55 years

An elderly farmworker found guilty of stabbing two people to death in the Hardap Region in 2009 and 2011 has been sent to jail for an effective total of 55 years.
Eliakim Nampindi, 66, was sentenced by High Court Judge Alfred Siboleka yesterday morning after the judge last week found him guilty on two charges of murder with direct intent to kill and a count of attempted murder.
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Jooste announces SOE shake-up

Minister of Public Enterprises Leon Jooste yesterday unveiled his grand vision for the country’s state-owned enterprises (SOEs), a plan that involves his ministry applying itself much more in the affairs of these entities.
Describing it as a “game changer”, Jooste introduced journalists in the capital to a “hybrid governance model for Namibian public enterprises” that was adopted by Cabinet on Tuesday following 16 months of research, benchmarking and consultation.
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Icy weekend ahead

The first cold front of the
winter is expected to hit
Namibia this weekend, with frost and sub-zero temperatures forecast for the southern, central and eastern parts of the country.
The weather bureau yesterday warned that temperatures will drop below freezing in many parts of the country from tonight.
According to the Namibia Meteorological Service’s chief forecaster, Odillo Kgobetsi, a series of cold fronts are moving over Cape Town and the Northern Cape, causing storms there. One of these will reach southern Namibia later today.
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