Zambezi police chief probed for junior officer assault

31 July 2020 | Police



Police have launched an internal investigation against Zambezi police regional commander Karel Theron, who allegedly assaulted a junior officer for abusing a service car siren at Katima Mulilo.

This was confirmed by the chief police spokesperson, Deputy Commissioner Kauna Shikwambi, who said that the matter was being investigated internally by the police.

“We have learnt about the incident and so far I think the investigation has been launched. By yesterday I think both gave their statements. So, it will be investigated internally to see whether the allegations are true and we will take it from there,” Shikwambi said.

It is alleged the brawl started after the warrant officer, who is said to be deployed at the police's forensic unit, used the siren on the police vehicle he was driving during working hours.

Transporting a body

The junior officer is said to have told Theron that he was transporting a body to the mortuary.

Theron then called him in for questioning, resulting in a scuffle.

“The victim explained that he was carrying a corpse to be dropped off at the mortuary but surprisingly his explanation did not sit well with the regional commander,” a social media post alleges.

“A commotion began and as the victim was walking out of the office, the regional commander assaulted the victim and tore his forensic uniform and his T-shirt.”

Theron refused to comment on the matter when contacted yesterday.