Zambezi needs ‘special’ school – Sampofu

22 July 2021 | Education

Kenya Kambowe


Zambezi governor Lawrence Sampofu has reiterated a call for the establishment of a school for learners with disabilities in the region.

Sampofu made the remark on Tuesday during his state of the region address, a call he also made last year during the same occasion.

He revealed that 1 989 learners with disabilities are currently accommodated at various mainstream schools in the region, something he regards a challenge.

“The region lacks a special school with hostel accommodation. A number of 1 989 learners with impairments have been registered, but there is no special school in the region,” he said.

Namibian Sun understands the education directorate in the region has approached companies to assist in that regard as land has been secured; however, the project has been put on hold due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Crowded classrooms

Other education challenges experienced in the region is the lack of classrooms at schools, which has resulted in an average of 41 learners in a classroom, Sampofu said.

The norm should be 35 learners to one teacher, he added.

“There are currently 3 563 learners enrolled in grade 10 against 64 classrooms.”

With regards to academic performance last year, the governor said the region achieved a 90.5% pass rate at primary level and 70.2% at secondary level.

He added that 21.8% of grade 12 learners achieved the 25 points required for tertiary institutions.

Meanwhile, 1 336 learners sat for Namibia Senior Secondary Certificate (NSSC) ordinary level examinations for the first time in 2020, and only 238 qualified to proceed to grade 12.

Further, only 130 learners were registered for grade 12 this, while 250 learners met requirements for admission to vocational institutions and 409 learners repeated grade 11.

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