Xuro presents: One Night with OC EBS

31 May 2019 | Art and Entertainment

Comedian Xuro Milton, popularly known as just Xuro, is gearing up for his one-woman show that is scheduled for Saturday, 8 June at the Warehouse Theatre.

The show will take a look at the life of a bubbly domestic worker, OC EBS.

tjil caught up with Xuro to find out more. Asked why he decided on the character OC EBS, Xuro said: “Growing up as a child I was surrounded by crazy aunts who were entertaining and full of life. There was always entertainment at home and writing about OC EBS always brings back childhood memories.”

About message he wants to convey through OC EBS, Xuro mentioned that he would like to express a message of hope, even though many might be going through life and its difficulties.

“It sometimes helps when one does it with a smile on our face and that's what she does; she puts a smile on all of our faces,” said Xuro.

Xuro revealed that he was inspired by the people who love the OC EBS character to start this show. “After seeing many of her news anchor clips online people wanted to see more of her and asked for a live show.”

Asked where he thinks this comedy brand will end up, Xuro said he does not know where he and OC EBS will end up in the comedy arena, “but all we know is that for now, just for now, we are in the building”.

Asked if he believes there is a market for this kind of comedy, Xuro said he thinks there is a space for everyone in the market. “You just have to market and package your content in an appealing way,” Xuro added.