With matric farewell season in full swing, Keetmanshoop Junior Secondary School learners shared why matric farewells are important and when they should be held.

12 October 2021 | Opinion

Lucinda Bezuidenhout

I believe matric farewells are very important because most learners dream about this day since their primary school years. Matric farewells should be held before the final examinations because of the amount of stress from both events.

Elgira Hummel

Being on the verge of completing my secondary phase, I must admit that matric farewells are of great importance. Not only does it start your journey to adulthood but also symbolises and acknowledges your dedication and hard work throughout the years. They should be held a month in advance, though.

Helena Haufiku

I don't believe that matric farewells are as important as people make them seem. It is just a day to celebrate how far you've come in your career as a learner.

Susmitha Skakana

Matric farewells are opportunities for learners to relax and have fun but they should be held after the final exams; that way learners have time to prep for and give attention to their exams. If it is held before the exams, learners might deviate from studying.

Gayla Hummel

Matric farewells are not a must but rather a privilege which one is fortunate to attend. If they must be held, I believe that it should be a month before final exams. They can serve as a motivation to some learners to study.

Bravian Karukongo

I think matric farewells should be entirely up to the individual person. It is not important at all but if the learner decides to go, then they should make that decision for themselves.