Wheels in motion to elect Mbanderu chief

Katjirua appointed in interim

28 July 2021 | Local News



The Ovambanderu Traditional Authority (OvTA) has kick-started the process to elect a successor to its late chief, Kilus Nguvauva.

OvTA spokesperson Cecil Nguvauva said consultations were ongoing to pick a successor to the late chief who had succumbed to Covid-19 earlier this month.

“After some time, there will be a gathering of the Nguvauva clan. That process has started. There will be a gathering at a yet-to-be determined date. It is at that gathering that a discussion will take place and the rightful person will be chosen,” he said.

Nguvauva added that there are still matters to be sorted out internally before the gathering can be called.

“The date has not been set yet. A few things need to be sorted out in the clan; it is still too early to determine when,” he said.


An elder of the Nguvauva clan had also briefed relatives in Botswana on developments.

“We have an elder in Namibia. We will have to consult elders in Botswana and once they decide to call on the Nguvauva clan, only then will that [the gathering] happen. Everyone has a stake,” the spokesperson said.

According to Nguvauva, a caretaker has also been appointed to lead the OvTA in the interim.

“The process is systematic. The authority has chosen a caretaker in the meantime. Gerson Katjirua is taking care of everything so far,” he said.

Katjirua’s appointment was endorsed after a meeting held on 1 July, in which it was decided that he would also become the traditional authority’s chairman.

“The senior traditional councillor and former acting chief Gerson Katjirua was unanimously appointed as the acting chief and chairman of the Supreme Council of the OvTA,” a statement read.

The OvTA also announced the appointment of Issy Murangi as its deputy chairman.

Katjirua previously served as acting chief prior to the instillation of the late Nguvauva in 2015.