We are taking the farms - KK

11 June 2021 | Local News



Former Cabinet minister Kazenambo Kazenambo said descendants of the Nama and Ovaherero victims of the 1904-08 genocide by Germany are ready to reclaim their ancestral farms occupied by descendants of the German colonialists in the country.

Kazenambo, a former member of the central committee of the ruling party Swapo, has in the meantime petitioned the United Nations to intervene in what he believes is a ‘time bomb’.

At the same press conference yesterday, Ida Hofmann, chairperson of the Nama Genocide Technical Committee (NGTC), said the negotiations should never have been about what Germany wanted but rather how the European nation should repair the damage it has inflicted on affected communities.

“The NGTC is disappointed in the German government who seems to be unapologetic about the less-than-honest and dignified route they have taken and championed around the genocide negotiations. We also take issue with the coercive tactics employed by the German government,” Hofmann said.

According to her, the five-year negotiations spearheaded by special envoys from both governments were in actual fact clandestine bilateral talks.

Hofmann stressed that the Namibian government has failed dismally at an opportunity to find a lasting, reconciliatory and restorative solution to the painful past of German colonial rule in Namibia.

“This deal is neither for us nor about us and does not - in any shape of form - reflect our collective resolve around the due process and desired outcomes that will lay to rest the still restless bones of our gallant forefathers while restoring dignity and self-worth to generations of descendants still seeking closure to a painful chapter in our nation’s history,” she said.

Germany’s N$18.6 billion ‘restructuring’ package as compensation for these crimes was fiercely rejected by affected communities, who said it is an insult to the memory of those who were brutally killed and robbed of their land and livelihood by German imperial forces.

Civil war

Kazenambo yesterday warned that the special envoy on genocide for Germany, Ruprect Polenz, will not be in Namibia to stop dispossessed communities from reclaiming their ancestral land occupied by German descendants.

He also warned that this outcome has the potential to spark a civil war in Namibia with German-speaking Namibians up against the disgruntled communities.

“From the security sector; from a military point of view, Namibian citizens have firearms still outside there, in this country. If anything happens, it will be too late. It will be a poor German farmer against angry Namas and Ovaherero on the ground. Where will Polenz and Angela Merkel be?” he asked.

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