Walvis Bay girl allegedly kidnapped and raped

Teenager found at truck port

22 April 2021 | Crime



Social media were abuzz after a video surfaced about an alleged human trafficking incident in Walvis Bay.

Ryan Gordon, one of the founders of Narraville Community Against Crime (NCAC), said they received information about a girl (13) who had gone missing from her home on Wednesday night.

“We understood that the girl was kidnapped by a guy driving a grey seven-seater. While on patrol, we saw him in Narraville.

“The car matched the description we received and we followed him to Kuisebmond. He was heavily intoxicated.

“Our members told him that he had to go the police station. However, he was adamant to show them where the missing girl was.”

Gordon said NCAC members accompanied the driver to the truck port where the girl was being kept.

“Upon our arrival, some of our members were threatened. The trucks belong to foreign nationals. The police arrived at the scene and retrieved the girl.”

One of the NCAC members at the scene, who wished to remain anonymous, said the girl wrote down the driver's cellphone number.

“She put it in a lunchbox and one of her friends found the number. The police then requested assistance in tracing the girl. She was taken from her home around 17:00 and we found her at the trucks during the early morning hours of Thursday.”

Stranger danger

The girl allegedly told NCAC members that she was taken from her home to various other places including the beach for her to get “comfortable with her kidnappers”.

“They were watching me and the day before she took me, they asked for my number.”

Gordon warned parents to teach their children about stranger danger.

“Parents should know who their children's friends are and the places they frequent. It's imperative that we know where our children are. Who knows what might have happened to this girl?”

Deputy Commissioner Erastus Ikuyu said the police were investigating a rape case involving a 13-year-old girl.

“The suspect was arrested and he was expected to appear in the Walvis Bay magistrate's court on Monday. The court might add more charges to the current rape charge,” he said

In the dock

Johannes Katondoka appeared on a charge of rape before Magistrate Vicky Nicolaidis on Monday morning.

Katondoka said he would apply for a legal aid lawyer.

“Investigations are at an early stage and the photo plans as well as the DNA report are outstanding. The State opposes bail as investigations are at an early stage and the state fears the accused may interfere with witnesses,” public prosecutor Tuihaleni Hilikeuete said

The matter was postponed to 24 May for further investigation. Katondoka remains in police custody.