Wakudumo, Shinduvi reject 'so-called' no confidence vote

23 September 2020 | Politics

Kenya Kambowe


Swapo Kavango East regional coordinator Ottilie Shinduvi and regional mobiliser Bonifatius Wakudumo, who also serves as the regional governor, yesterday declared a motion of no confidence moved against them by some members of the regional executive committee (REC) as unprocedural and devoid of any relevance.

According to the submission for the vote of no confidence by Swapo's Mukwe district coordinator Muriki Kalyangu, Shinduvi and Wakudumo are allegedly spearheading tribalism, factionalism, regionalism and violating the party's constitution.

They are further accused of meddling in the elections at grass roots level and imposing their preferred candidates onto various structures.

No provision

However, Wakudumo yesterday said the issue of a motion of no confidence was never part of the agenda for the joint meeting of the REC held on Sunday.

He stressed that there is no provision in the Swapo constitution which allows for a vote of no confidence and, therefore, the action taken was not legally correct.

“The vote of no confidence is a most rigorous instrument of political control; a decision of this nature is taken by a simple majority, which was not even the case with this unprocedural so-called vote of no confidence, and is hereby rejected with the contempt it deserves,” he said.

Action to be taken

Wakudumo said based on the allegations against him and Shinduvi, which he declared as lies aimed at assassinating their characters, they will consider the appropriate action to be taken.

“The allegations made against the regional coordinator and regional information and mobilisation officer, apart from being personal vendetta, are riddled with untruth, slander and assassination of character and cannot be entertained. However, rights remain and appropriate remedy will be sought in due course,” he said.

Politburo decision

Despite Shinduvi and Wakudumo's rejection of the motion against them, the matter has been forwarded to the Swapo Politburo.

“The procedure of the party is very clear. The only body or structure of the party which can attend to the petition or serious complaints is the politburo,” Hamunyera Hambyuka said earlier this week.

“The recommendation of the REC needs to be given to the politburo and the politburo will then use their function and their rights to amend or to advise the regional executive.”

To this, Wakudumo said he does not know in which capacity Hambyuka made the statement.