27 July 2021 | Opinion

The My Zone team asked learners what they think about the reopening of schools

Cindy Classen

As an AS candidate, it requires strenuous effort to be able to tackle the new curriculum. Due to schools only starting in August, and having only covered two quarters of work in most subjects, our chances of finishing school by the end of the year are slim. We are determined to carry on with self-studies regardless of the little knowledge we have on this new curriculum.

Facolene Uth

The amount of pressure we’ll have when schools reopen will be enormous, as we still have a lot of content to cover. We’ll just have to work on our own on the work we’ve covered already. We also have to cooperate with the teachers to conclude this difficult academic year.

Willmary Janser

The reopening of schools after such a long period will definitely affect us negatively because we have missed a lot of face-to-face teaching, which has been and is still very effective for study purposes. However, I regard this time away from school as a great opportunity to tackle my books and get as much work done as possible.

Carlize Burger.

This has had a big influence on my life because my life is basically standing still because teaching is not taking place and that is very stressful. We are losing a lot of time. We cannot participate in sports activities anymore because of the Covid-19 regulations and I was very passionate about sports as well as my education. Now, I just have to sit back because there is nothing we can do because it is all about our health.

Theo Burger

The thing I miss most about being at school is seeing my friends and being able to take part in sports. The fact that the schools will be opening later means that we will have to take longer to get used to being back as well.

Edijen !Gaeseb

Covid-19 has been at its highest peak lately and it’ll affect us as students negatively. Some of us live with older parents who have a disadvantage because they could easily get infected and die immediately. We are already dealing with cold winters and could easily confuse the symptoms. I think it’s better that the schools opening is postponed.