Vorster fails to complete race

Swiss hat-trick on day four

28 July 2021 | Sports



Namibia’s Michelle Vorster didn’t manage to finish the women's cross-country race in Tokyo yesterday, after Typhoon Nepartak deposited heavy rain on the bone-dry course overnight.

Because of the rain, the race was shorted by one lap and some hasty changes were made to the course.

Jolanda Neff of Team Switzerland led a Swiss sweep of the podium in the women's mountain-bike race, a historic feat that has not happened in any cycling event in the modern Olympics.

Neff dominated the tough race course to win top podium as teammates Sina Frei and Linda Indergand scooped a Swiss hat-trick by taking second and third place in the event.

Vorster is the third Namibian cyclist who didn’t manage to finish a race at the Games. Over the weekend, Tristan de Lange and Vera Looser were swept up by the broom wagon as they were behind the peloton. Only Alex Miller managed to cross the finishing line on Monday, in 31st spot.

Appreciation post

Prior to her race, Vorster took to social media to express her feelings about the Games and her journey.

“I had enough time to reflect on the past eight years of my life as I was flying to Tokyo. Thinking of all my rides to the one coming up. Also, of everyone who crossed my path and supported me along this amazing journey.

“I received so much from so many and I can only say to you, you will be remembered at this occasion of my Olympic Games. I will celebrate this week as a reflection of my thank you to everyone who made this possible.

“No one made a bigger impact in my sporting career than the Janine & Suzelle Davin Sport Trust. They supported me emotionally and financially through so much,” she wrote.

Vorster also thanked the Namibian National Olympic Committee (NNOC) and the Namibia Cycling Federation for their constant support.

“As the parents in my sport and giving me amazing support also emotionally and financially, thanks to NCF for looking after our cyclists’ interests and financially, Rock & Rut and WPP Cycling Clubs and the incredible cycling community for your unwavering support also financially. Thank you to you all for your support and contributions to make this possible.

“It is really true when I say that especially in the past four years this would not have been possible without your help. I had incredible sponsors along the way; no none more committed than the Davin Trust, NNOC and NCF, but I also want to thank the ones who continued, but also stepped in this past year in particular: Pupkewitz Megabuild, Hollard, Cycletec, Powerbar, KiwiVelo, South Industries, BRG and Torga Optical. You all made a huge contribution to this moment,” Vorster wrote.