Visible Talent Namibia gives status update

27 September 2019 | Art and Entertainment

Visible Talent Namibia hosted a cocktail corporate and media launch in Windhoek this week.

Speaking at the launch, Visible Talent Namibia's operations manager Rousa Shikoha mentioned that the entity is an initiative that targets the Namibian nation to raise its aptitude to the best of its abilities. “This is a platform for the creative Namibian audience to showcase their talent on a professional stage by mobilising the very best in each region to compete at a national level,” said Shikoha.

Visible Talent Namibia went on a national scouting road tour from early July to mid-September. Shikoha added that during the scouting process, the team scouted over 2 500 people out of whom 150 people received golden tickets to take part in the grand finale slated for Saturday, 30 November in Windhoek. “One of the most heartfelt moments during the auditions was when we would arrive at the venues early in the mornings and we would find young people who slept at the venue, eager to showcase their talent, eager to be a voice, eager to be a star,” reminisced Shikoha. Founder of Visible Talent Namibia Tate Buti, real name Abraham Mbangala, said that it was not an easy road and the journey still continues. “Let's push it to the next level. Maybe next year our official sponsor Indongo Toyota will sponsor us with a Toyota Etios for the winner,” he joked.

Hosted by Leena Shipwata, the judges include Tate Buti, Dion from PDK and Top Cheri. At the event sponsorship and pledge forms were handed outt for the public to pledge their sponsorship to the initiative. All sponsorship towards the grand finale should be made by Friday, 15 November. For more information visit the Visible Talent Namibia social media pages.