Violence, death mar weekend

More child victims

30 April 2019 | Crime

Police are investigating the discovery of a newborn baby girl's body found next to the B1 road on Friday and the decomposing body of another newborn girl found tucked inside a box at the Kupferberg dumpsite on Sunday morning.

The police said yesterday they have opened a case of illegal abortion of a “female foetus” in each case.

So far no one has been traced or arrested in connection with the abandonment of the babies.

The Namibian police in Outjo reported an attack on a police officer and the stoning of two police vehicles by angry bystanders in the early morning hours of Saturday at a bar during a crime-fighting operation.

The knife-wielding suspect subsequently sustained a gunshot wound “on the left buttock” after he refused to heed several warning shots by other officers attempting to defend their fellow police officer, who was being chased by the suspect.

The incident took place at around 02:00 on Saturday morning at the Herero Mall bar in Outjo.

Angry protestors began pelting two police vehicles, denting the vehicles and shattering windows. An investigation into the incident is being carried out by the police's internal investigations division.

A Gobabis woman was arrested over the weekend and charged with murder and arson, after she was accused of setting a shack alight, in which her partner, Paul Engelbrecht (37), was asleep.

The police say they are investigating claims that an argument about the ownership of the shack had preceded the arson and murder.

A 28-year-old woman sustained serious injuries after her husband attacked her with a panga at Omutwewondjaba village near Eenhana on Sunday morning at around 01:00.

A 36-year-old man, who was attempting to protect the woman during the violent attack by her husband, lost an ear when the husband turned the panga on him.

The police stated that the victim and the suspect, both who have not yet been identified, are married under customary law.