Vaccine accessibility improves in Erongo

Governor lauds drive-through initiative

07 September 2021 | Health



Erongo governor Neville Andre has lauded the Swakopmund drive-through vaccination station as a more accessible option for residents who want to get vaccinated.

He said despite government implementing preventative measures, the Covid-19 vaccination is how society can return back to normality.

“The vaccination offers a way to transition out of the pandemic. Without it, natural herd immunity will not be able to sufficiently restore society to its normal status and would have resulted in extreme fatalities.”

Since the beginning of the year, numerous vaccines were given approval and rolled-out across the world.

From March to last week, over 22 731 first dose vaccines had been administered in the Erongo Region, while 11 840 received their full vaccination.

“These figures give hope of a return to some sort of normal. Yet, with a regional population of over 121 000, there is still much catch-up to be done.”

Break the chain

Andre emphasised that by being vaccinated, people are breaking the chain of the virus being spread. “You reduce the mutations, you protect others, and even if you get sick, the severity thereof is minimal.”

The governor added that although it is key for members of the public to be educated on the importance of being vaccinated, getting the jab is only one of the tools needed to prevent infections and to save lives.

“The right approach is a comprehensive one. We must all continue to protect ourselves and those around us by making the right choices,” he said.

Dgini Visser, a trustee of the Gondwana Care Trust which is one of the sponsors of the drive-through facility in the coastal town, said: “We are grateful to be given the opportunity to open our doors to the community and enable more vaccinations to take place”.

The drive-through vaccination station has also been rolled out in Windhoek and Walvis Bay.

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