Union, MMI cement relationship

20 June 2019 | Labour

MMI Holdings Limited (MMI) yesterday formally recognised the Namibian Bank Workers Union (NBWU) through the signing of a recognition agreement.

MMI Holdings Namibia interim group CEO Grant Marais said the agreement reflects the company's collective resolution to have employees represented by the union, as per majority wish, and thus ensures they are able to exercise their democratic right to representation and association.

The signing event, described as a historic moment, was praised by NBWU secretary-general Moses Mamba as a showcase of the “outstanding” relationship between the union and MMI that other institutions could learn from.

Marais underlined the agreement was signed at a time when the country is facing “its worst economic downturn in decades”, which is further exacerbated by one of the worst droughts in Namibia's history.

He said MMI is not exempt and is facing “significant challenges” and the parties to the agreement should be “responsible in creating an enabling negotiating platform in respect of all issues” to ensure a win-win for all stakeholders.