Understanding the millennials

18 February 2020 | Opinion

Conny Shituleni

The issue is that society tends to judge today’s youth on how they dress. The world has changed and I don’t think dress code should be associated with trauma. This is how they have been conditioned to think this brings about a huge gap between understanding each other.

Thomas Kambonde

I think they must contemplate that technology is having the exact opposite effect than we perceived,” see the negatives of not going outside, can’t look people in the eye, don’t have to go through the effort of making a phone call. There are ways they see the deficiencies that social media has offered, but there are tremendous upsides and positives as well.

Benvellie Garobes

Teenagers have uncertain independence, many having been raised under the whirring of helicopter parents, overinvolved and trying to fix every problem for their children. This suffocates independence at a time when teenagers should be exploring autonomy, limits the development of self-reliance and grit and may even directly produce anxiety and depression.

Leo Gaomab

The older generation thinks they know more than the young individuals and this leads to a lot of missing understands or parents struggling to connect with their children. Young people are heavily connected with their lives and have shown the world is small and we must all share it and this is something they need to understand.

Fatima Benjamin

Social media isn’t just for wasting time. On the other hand the older generations are starting to realise that all time spent on the internet isn’t necessarily for nothing. Sure there are people who waste hours scrolling through their feed but there are plenty of other youth who have turned social media into a lucrative career.

Grace David

Many of today's young people are spending their 20s and 30s traveling the world, going to happy hours, and posting on Instagram. They're getting married and starting families later (if at all). They want freedom, in the workplace and in their lives.

Hazel Engelbrecht

Despite attributes one might consider negative, millennials add much value. They're young, energetic, and determined to make a difference. If you're still struggling to understand them, remember one thing, it's not easy to be a millennial, either.