Uerikua wants to do away with contracting private land developers

Effective town planning and construction of houses

02 July 2020 | Business

The municipality should look into the provision of free Wi-Fi in the central business district to lure investors. James Uerikua, Governor: Otjozondjupa region.

The governor of the Otjozondjupa region, James Uerikua, advised the Otjiwarongo municipality to create a land servicing department so it can do away with using expensive private developers.

He said such a department could handle land servicing, town planning and the construction of houses at the town speedily.

Uerikua was speaking while paying a courtesy visit to the Otjiwarongo municipality, where each department briefed him on their primary mandate and future plans for the town.

“After listening to all presentations which were made, I strongly suggest the creation of a land servicing department that could handle all activities related to servicing of townland and housing provision as this is the capital of the region,” he said.

The governor stated that the technical department, which is now solely mandated to handle most of the technical aspects related to land development, construction inspections and urban planning, amongst others, is overloaded.


Uerikua further suggested that the municipality should look into the provision of free Wi-Fi in the central business district to lure investors to the town and also to keep up with global change driven by technology.

He went on to urge the municipality to see to it that the construction of a public market is taken seriously. Otjiwarongo does not have an open market and the governor said the municipality should see to it that a market is constructed this year.

Otjiwarongo mayor Bennes Haimbondi, who delivered a speech on behalf of the municipality, concurred with the governor, saying all proposals and suggestions he made are aimed at developing Otjiwarongo into a modern city.

The meeting concluded with a site visit to several factories which specialise in pharmaceutical, meat processing and retail businesses at the town.

– Nampa