Two women killed by their partners

24 November 2020 | Crime



Two women were murdered by their partners last week, one strangled to death and the other's body burnt beyond recognition.

One of the men that committed these horrendous crimes took his own life, while in another case a man committed suicide after a fight with his girlfriend.

At Outjo, a 39-year-old pregnant woman was strangled by her partner, who then hanged himself in the same room, the police said. The man was out on bail in two criminal cases. In one of the cases, he was charged with attempted murder of his girlfriend. In the other, he was charged with aggravated robbery where a victim was killed.

Murder and arson

A a 30-year-old woman was killed by her 30-year-old partner at Othilu village in the Epembe Constituency on Thursday.

The suspect then set a cuca shop on fire with the woman's body inside. The extent of the property damage has not yet been determined. The man has been arrested.

Suicide after fight

In another incident, a 34-year-old man hanged himself after a fight with his partner at the Drimiopsis settlement in the Omaheke Region on Saturday.

According to the police, the argument started at a shebeen and continued until they were home.

It is alleged that the man threatened the woman with a spear, but she escaped unharmed and fled with their children to a relative's house.

The man later showed up at the house and said he expected to be arrested and go to jail. His body was later found hanging from a tree.

Four rapes

At Oshikuku, a 12-year-old girl was raped by an adult man who found her alone in her home on Friday. The suspect has not been arrested.

At Omboto village in the Omuthiya Constituency, a mentally ill woman (39) was raped in her mother's house on Friday. The suspect was caught in the act when the mother returned home. The suspect fled and has not been arrested.

At Aranos, a 24-year-old man was arrested for the attempted rape of a four-year-old girl in her home in the Vaalpos location on Friday.

At Rundu, a 17-year-old girl was raped by an unknown suspect who entered her bedroom while she was sleeping on Friday. No arrest has been made.