Truck ports not for quarantine - Shangula

28 May 2020 | Health



Health minister Dr Kalumbi Shangula has made it clear that transport companies are not allowed to quarantine their drivers at truck ports.

This is after several incidents were reported of truck drivers sneaking out of truck ports while apparently under quarantine.

In the latest incident, it was reported on Tuesday that two Namibian truck drivers snuck out of truck port facilities to visit loved ones while under quarantine.

However, Shangula said only quarantine facilities accredited by the ministry are acceptable.

Not allowed

“Namibians citizens, permanent residents and people domiciled in Namibia are allowed to come to Namibia. Upon arrival, they are subjected to mandatory, supervised quarantine in quarantine facilities accredited by the health ministry.

“No other quarantine facilities are acceptable to the ministry.

“Operators are not allowed to quarantine their truck drivers at truck ports. They must be surrendered to the ministry,” he said.

Khomas regional police commander, Commissioner Joseph Shikongo, on Tuesday confirmed that the two truck drivers snuck out this past weekend while “under quarantine”.

Shikongo said one truck driver was found at his house in Goreangab and the other was visiting his girlfriend in Hakahana.

According to him, all relevant health authorities were contacted and relevant processes were followed.

Sneaking back and forth

The truck driver who visited his house in Goreangab was taken back to the truck port, however, the other driver apparently snuck back to the truck port, according to Shikongo.

He added that the girlfriend and the truck driver's brother were both traced and quarantined in ministerial facilities.

Shangula was unable to provide an update on the whereabouts of the truck drivers yesterday, saying that officials are following up on the matter.