Top cop allowances cut

13 June 2019 | Police

The abolishment of allowances for high-ranking police officers from August is a cost-saving measure being implemented by the Namibian police.

Speaking to Namibian Sun this week, Nampol inspector-general Sebastian Ndeitunga confirmed that an internal letter dated 7 June was sent to all Nampol divisions to inform them that by August the police will stop paying “commander allowances”.

He would not provide any further information on what the allowances are for and what the value of these allowances are.

The letter informs officers that the Public Service Commission had recommended stopping these allowances. It says the allowances were “meant to compensate members who were occupying high positions but had equal ranks with members under their command.” The letter further states the “definition and qualification of who is entitled to receive such allowances has become difficult” and that the purpose of the commander's allowance has “outlived its purpose.”

Ndeitunga confirmed that the action was also a cost-saving measure during “this trying time”, noting that there are “not enough resources and we are trying to cut in some areas.”

He said the commander's allowance was identified as one area that could help address the economic challenges.

Ndeitunga said if the situation improves, “then we can look into it again.”

He however underlined that if the economic situation does improve, everyone on the force should benefit.

He said currently, others are also not receiving their rightful allowances, including pilots and divers who are due special allowances and with the stoppage of the commander's allowance everyone is on an equal level. “If things improve, we want everybody to benefit,” the police chief said.