Tobias honouring wages

Calls government to intervene

31 March 2020 | Sports

Jesse Jackson Kauraisa


The MTC Nestor ‘Sunshine’ Tobias Boxing and Fitness Academy will continue paying the salaries of its employees and their office’s rent despite the difficult times sport is facing due to the coronavirus.

Tobias said he has followed President Hage Geingob’s directive to lockdown the business, and all his employees are at home.

“We are a big organisation and it is important to remunerate our people, even when times are tough like this.

“I also received and invoice to pay our office rent and that has to be done too,” Tobias noted.

Immediate future

However, the promoter is worried that it might become difficult to pay their employees and rent if the lockdown is prolonged beyond 21 days.

He is therefore pleading with government to speed up the process of ensuring that the economy does not crash during this period.

“Things will get tricky if this situation is not under control over the next 21 days because businesses will not make any money and there will be no activity from our side.

“As a stable, we make money from the events we organise and without those events, it will be difficult.”

Boxers training

Tobias revealed that he has given a directive to all his boxers to train at home and use the limited spaces available to work strictly on their fitness.

He acknowledged that some of his boxers do not have proper space where they can do routine training and therefore urged them to do the basics.

“There is life after this pandemic and I expect all our boxers to maintain a positive spirit and to continue exercising.

“I have given them my instructions and they are so far doing as they were taught on their own,” Tobias said.

On MTC sponsorship

The promoter added that their contract with MTC remains solid, despite no activities taking place.

“MTC understands the situation and they know why we are unable to host events, meaning our sponsorship is secure.

“We will continue to work hard to promote boxing in this country like we have been doing in the past.”