This year’s Olympic Games in Tokyo have been nothing short of a surprise, from the Covid-19 delays to the involuntary withdrawal of Beatrice Masilingi and Christine Mboma and the voluntary withdrawal of Simone Biles due...

03 August 2021 | Sports

Nadine Willemse

The Olympics have certainly been interesting with a lot of new sports added, like surfboarding, skating and karate, and together with all the other sports, it keeps us sitting at the edge of our seats, eager for our country to bring back a medal. For me, I would say the most interesting turn of events was that Alexander Zverev beat Novak Djokovic, the Serbian number one tennis player in the world, in men’s singles tennis semi-finals! This to me was astonishing and I'm hoping to see Zverev take the gold medal. I am confident that Namibia has sent a good team who will deliver good results. I believe we will get our first gold medal!

Ilse Palomba, teacher

I guess eventful will start with the fact that the Olympics had to be postponed for a year due to the pandemic, causing an unusual break from the tradition of having Olympics every four years. Of course, Mboma and Masilingi not being allowed to take part in the 400m is still a big disappointment, but I would love for our two golden girls to cause a massive stir in the 100 and 200m and bring those medals home.

Delano Müller

Hopefully our team will bring our first gold medal home. So far, Maike Diekman surprised me the most in the sport of rowing.

Ethane Nawa

The biggest shock for me was when Beatrice and Christine were taken out because their testosterone levels were too high. It was actually a shock, and people had to sign petitions. I signed a petition for them to compete. I never thought that would be a reason for somebody not to compete, I found it unnecessary.

Kathryn Andenge

I think Simone Biles made the right decision in prioritising her well-being. Our very own Maike Diekmann is the first Rower to represent Namibia at the Olympic Games, and she is placed sixth overall. I think Maike did really well on that. I think Namibia will earn the first gold medal this year with all the support our athletes are getting from coaches, managers the Namibia National Olympic Committee and government.