The screen is his canvas

21 July 2020 | Art and Entertainment

Windhoek • [email protected]

Oscar’s Designs, the brainchild of graphic designer, digital artist, writer and musician Oscar Muyambo, is an online platform aimed at empowering local artists and performers.
The initiative consists of two sections - Oscar's Art Movement and Oscar's Designs Academy, intended to serve as a platform for artists to display their work and a learning platform for those in the graphic design and art sectors respectively.
Currently, only Muyambo’s art is on display, but he said he would like to exhibit other local artists' work.
“I would definitely like to work with the many talented Namibian artists on projects that bring more exposure and which creates lucrative jobs. The goal is to forge a winning and sustainable bond between successful businesses and creative, talented individuals,” he said.

Hire locals
He proposed that companies and brands hire more local artists for their marketing and social media campaigns, adding that he believes the artists will deliver something unique that can boost the company's marketing strategy.
“It's a win-win situation. The aim is to convince them that local talent is available.”
Muyambo first creates his art digitally and then has it printed on canvas. He said the biggest challenge of digital coastline is to make the work look as realistic as possible, "the opposite of most art techniques".
“The beauty of digital art is that there are no limits, and you can print it on various media prints, from canvasses to souvenirs. The other advantage is that you constantly iron out your mistakes,” Muyambo shared.

Distinctive style
He currently has several collections display, including the Native Namibian Women, Native Big 5, Sossusvlei Landscape and African Spirit Muses collections.
He mentioned that it all started with the Native Namibian Women collection, adding that his distinctive style paved the way for his other work.
“It depicts the sensual beauty of our local tribes and their beautiful wives, but in a way that made me feel unusual.”