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07 June 2019 | Art and Entertainment

Having premiered his new song Ekwatho produced by DJ KBoz on NBC's Whatagwan on Wednesday this week, Kaboy Kamakili, 21, is clearly set on causing some major destruction in the game.

His raps, beats and overall skills cannot be withheld and now here is his story, so please learn something from our conversation with the champ himself.

He describes his music as “genuine” music. “I know a lot of artists say this, but I do not like confining myself to just one genre of music. I feel like I would be limiting myself if I identified myself as a Kwaito or Hikwa artist that is why I just describe my music as genuine music.”

He told tjil that growing up his musical ear was influenced by Deon of PDK and Exit. “Those two have great flows and their rhymes are on point. Another thing I admire about them is that they are versatile, they can do Kwaito and they are good at rapping as well,” said Kaboy Kamakili about his idols.

He attributes his newly found fame to Namtwitter and his hometown of Ondangwa. He admitted that he did not expect to blow up like he did from the freestyles he posted. “It started like a joke but I am thankful Namtwitter was able to see beyond the jokes and acknowledge my talent – Namtwitter is the reason I performed at Kasi Vibe last weekend and I am thankful.

“My hometown Ondangwa has been showing me love and support as well so my duty now is to not disappoint them,” he added.

He announced that he is working on his first album which will be released at the end of August. Describing the concept and direction of the album, Kaboy Kamakili said the album is going to be about life. “My album will be about convincing people not to do bad things. Through my music I also want to encourage people and give them confidence to push harder toward what they are doing right now. It is an inspiring album,” he said. The album will feature KBoz and PDK, with features from some of Namibia's biggest artists yet to be confirmed. “I spoke to King Tee Dee, we might be able to do something as well.”

Describing his selling points, Kaboy Kamakili mentioned that he believes a lot of people gravitate toward his music because of his charisma and the fact that he mainly sings in Oshiwambo. “More than anything, I think people like me because I represent hope to them. I also think they really like my rhymes and find them funny,” said Kaboy Kamakili.

His dreams and aspirations entail being on heavy rotation on the biggest Namibian radio stations and getting his music videos aired on Trace Africa. He added that he is aware that he blew up through social media but he will not neglect the traditional media. “That is why my manger and I are doing newspaper and radio interviews, I want to be big online as well as radio, TV and newspapers,” he added.

Abed Jona, Kaboy Kamakili's manager, said he is happy with how Namibians have embraced his talent. Jona stated that the support has been amazing from both music fans and people in the industry. “We just finished recording a song with DJ KBoz and other artists have expressed interest to work with Kaboy Kamakili as well,” said Jona. Summing up the conversation, Kaboy Kamakili dished out advice for aspiring musicians. He called on emerging artists to have a positive mindset towards their art and life in general. “Do not be afraid to share your work because you never know who is listening or watching. When you get the recognition for your work do not forget why you started,” said Kaboy Kamakili.

Today he will be celebrating his 21st birthday party at Beacon Lodge with performances from TK the Rapper, Vikta Juiceboy and Waka Omlilo. Tate Gweri and Friends, King Gucci and Cassie Jessica are billed to make special appearances at the party.