The passion of Cassidy Karon

Music and fashion powerhouse

28 February 2020 | Art and Entertainment

We all can pretty much nod at the fact that Cassidy Karon is currently at the frontline of youth, fashion and street culture in Namibia. Over the years, we have witnessed how his authenticity has granted him access to a world of endless possibilities. Besides being a musician, designer and stylist, you can't really box him in because he has become an inexplicable force and his journey is quite interesting to watch.

tjil reached out to him for a conversation that saw us diving into his world as well as finding out what drives him to do what he does. With seven awards to his name, Karon is a creative who is slowly and steadily earning his stripes his own way through the music and fashion pieces he's been putting out. His first solo album, 80s Mercedez, is loaded with songs that echo our sentiments. His offerings have developed to such an extent that it's difficult not to notice his moves. “80s Mercedez has been received quite well, but I am yet to sail that ship. The current single off the album, Aweh, resonates with many people, which makes me happy. I am still going to shoot about four more music videos from the album this year,” Karon said.

Grysblock's very own has managed to continue developing his sound and art, and his latest projects are testament to that. He mentioned that he likes exploring different avenues of art because he has always been a creator who refuses to be boxed in. “Growing up, I used to draw and paint. I also did poetry so that is where my hip-hop love stems from. In college, I did web design.

“It has always been a combination of different art forms and disciplines. I always knew that it would be bigger than just music. Even with //Concept, I want to branch out into furniture and architecture in the next two years or so,” he said.

The creative director shared that he is going to put out three //Concept collections this year. He mentioned that on Monday, 23 March, he plans to have a runway show at his studio. “I have taken part in different fashion shows but most at times, I feel like that isn't the environment for //Concept products. That's not a streetwear environment because it's too glamorous. I want people sitting on rocks and corners because then you will realty feel the thrill of what //Concept is,” he said.

Karon revealed that he is putting resources together to open a //Concept store that will also accommodate other streetwear brands. “I want to create employment opportunities for others. I tried employing people last year but I don't think I was ready for that move.”

He emphasised the importance of aligning your brand with excellence, an element he looks at before collaborating with other creatives or agreeing to showcase his pieces at fashion shows. “I feel people should apply the same principle when taking on influencer responsibilities. Choose to co-sign something of excellence. Some people promote products and services that they don't believe in and I do not respect that approach. It shouldn't always be about the money,” Karon said.

On staying relevant, he pointed out diversifying your income streams as an important part of the game. It is for this reason he has partnered with The Confab to host Confab Saturdays. “This is a partnership I am grateful for because it allows me to connect more with my fans and also lets me provide a platform for other artists who would like to make use of the facility to have listening sessions, for example.

“But I go there to work, I serve as a bartender as well. I apply this same approach when I showcase at runway shows. I do not go there as the creative director of //Concept, but rather an employee,” he said.