The mommy marketing manager

18 June 2021 | People

“Never give up on your goals and dreams. You can do anything you want to; do not let anyone tell you otherwise.”- Claudia Starzacher-Dennis

Desiree Gases

Starzacher-Dennis has 20 years’ experience in the motor industry with two years as marketing manager for Pupkewitz Motor Division, a three-year HR Diploma from Nust and a four-year BCom Marketing degree through Unisa. Starzacher-Dennis loves what she does.

“Pupkewitz Motors is and has always strived to provide affordable mobility solutions to all Namibians,” she says.

“Customer service is at the top of our list and we focus on serving our existing customers who have been loyal and supporting us as well as increasing our footprint and our market share across all our different brands across the country.

“As marketers, they listen to their customers. That is what marketing is about. Once the team knows what their customers want, they try and meet those expectations as best as they can, and more. Should they not know what they want, the team will surely come up with a marketing solution for them and help them make the best possible buying decision. The Pupkewitz marketing team are thinking long term, because even though the sales process may start with a targeted marketing campaign, it ends with the after-sales experience at our workshops across the country.

“The target market depends on which brand we are talking about. Pupkewitz Motors does represent a lot of brands and with this we give our customers a large variety to choose from.”

With the current Covid-19 situation, a lot of Pupkewitz marketing has moved to digital platforms. As they get to know what they are dealing with and how the business has shifted, they can meet their customers’ expectations and needs better with the company’s marketing campaigns. Customers can have a look at what is new, news and promotions at

“To be a successful marketer, you need a lot more than one superpower, but the two that help me manage all my brands are: the ability to hear what no one else can hear, and this counts for both my team and our customers, and second, with a great team you can achieve great things, you will be able to convince anyone of anything,” says Starzacher-Dennis .

She adds “My professional goal is to continue studying and complete an MBA with specific focus on human behaviour. In my private capacity I would one day like to travel the world and explore various cultures and run the Great Wall of China Marathon.

“Dreams without goals are just dreams. I wish I could help all vulnerable beings stay safe on earth, humans, animals, and plants.”

Starzacher-Dennis’s advice to today’s youngsters is: “Never give up on your goals and dreams. You can do anything you want to; do not let anyone tell you otherwise, all you need to do is work hard and learn. You do not need a degree to be successful in life, but it surely helps. Surround yourself with people who want the best for you. Do not ever forget the people that were there for you when no one else was. Love freely, laugh hard and cry when you need to. Learn to forgive - to forgive often means to move on. Finally, knowledge is power.”