The man who works fast to find solutions

30 July 2021 | Business

Sono Kahuure runs the network escalations department at Paratus Namibia and is the keyholder to unlocking solutions for his customers.

Sono is the go-to man when the going gets a little tough. He is the cool-headed man in the network escalation department, where he handles some of the company’s biggest challenges; he’s the one to work out how and who should tackle the problems or queries that come in from the customer; and he’s the one who helps to keep everyone calm. He balances this by being on the ball and a solid team player. When things are backing up or there’s a barrier, he is the one holding the key to unlock the potential and push for the solution.

He has always been curious about how the internet is delivered and how it can enhance and change people’s lives. This curiosity drove Sono to embark on a career focusing on networking when he joined Paratus more than 17 years ago. He also played a key part in executing the company’s network rollout in Namibia in 2004.

Sono says. “There is never a boring moment in my day, I still find every day as exciting as the day I first started this job and this is what makes me tick – and I’m now very excited about the future of Paratus and I just love being part of a growing company, one that thinks big.” He relishes the opportunity to solve problems and really enjoys the positive feedback from customers when he has been able to offer them a solution.

Born and bred in Swakopmund, Sono thanks his family for giving him the foundation and the building blocks which have helped escalate him in his career to where he is today.


• Plays a pivotal role in solving network problems

• Efficient

• He’s the calm mediator making sure things work smoothly

• He’s on the ball - with an eye on all the balls at play

• Hardworking, gets the job done

• Enjoys managing and mentoring his colleagues

• A team-player but also a team leader

• Values his family, his colleagues and admires people like Nelson Mandela and Barak Obama because they were family oriented

• He is driven and spurred on to achieve great things

• He is a problem solver