The International Day of The Girl is celebrated on 11 October annually. Given the rise in Gender-Based Violence (GBV) cases. My zone went out to ask the youth what they think the government could do...

13 October 2020 | Opinion

Denzen Jesaya

I think they could re-emphasis on establishing a death penalty, which will eventually also scare anyone who would want to trigger the safety of the girl child. And also the justice system is too lenient with perpetrators, it should be re-aligned to show less mercy.

Tjaeree Kauyere

We should not only blame the big house which is the government. It begins within the society, so I feel that members of society should have access to the necessary education and information. It should be clear from an early stage that violence, rape and crime are wrong. Come up with programmes to teach young boys and girls about the dangers of GBV.

Michael Shagandjwa

Undertaking a comprehensive review, in conjunction with women’s groups, of existing laws to identify and amend any that continue to discriminate against women and girls, as well as those that have a discriminatory impact on women and girls. Develop women’s empowerment centres, with classes on responsible parenting, family planning, hygiene and practical skills for girls and young women so they can support their living;

Jami Viljoen

The government could longer the sentences of older men who rape our young girls. These men usually come out of prison too early and still keep doing what they were doing. They are usually second-time law offenders, in short rehabilitation in the correctional facilities should be taken seriously.

Clonundu Tjaveondja

Improve the measures on investigations so that culprits are found as soon as possible, that way the girl child can feel much safer knowing that these culprits are apprehended. This also creates some sort of confidence in the girl child. The government could also come up with regulations that focus on women and girls in society.

Hilma Shapaka

The government could incorporate technology in protecting the girl child in the sense of installing surveillance at crucial areas or areas prone to such activities. The boy child should also be educated, with life skills being enforced in schools with an emphasized curriculum to help develop necessary life skills.