Thank you Team Namibia!

11 October 2019 | Opinion

As a super typhoon wreaks havoc on the unfolding Japan Rugby World Cup, it was announced yesterday that the final Pool B clash between Namibia and Canada would in fact be going ahead on Sunday.

This is good news for Namibians, who are holding thumbs that we can achieve our very first win at the global spectacle, after failing at past tournaments where we competed. We would, however, be failing in our duties as a progressive newspaper if we do not pay tribute to the performances our boys have delivered thus far. We went into this competition in a pool that also features defending world champions New Zealand, former champions South Africa, and Italy. It goes without saying that we were up against it from day one. What Namibia delivered against Italy was a competitive match, where our boys showed slick skills and scored 22 points. The Boks bashed us with their forward bullying tactics, but we must remember that they are a team on the rise and may well be on the road to the final. Against the All Blacks we surprised even ourselves, as we competed exceptionally well in the first half. Many other teams also fold against the 'black machine' in the second stanza, and so did we. Yet, we won many friends across the world, as we weathered the haka and gave as good as we got in those first 40 minutes. Next to the so-called 'big boys', who earn millions and make their living exclusively from the sport, we are amateurs. The talent is undoubtedly there, and if some of the bigger teams had our courage and heart they would consistently World Cup trophies. We are grateful to our team. They have delivered an advert on the world stage for our country. They have shown the true spirit of Namibians. We never give up. We may not be the biggest or the strongest, but others know they must 'pasop' when the meet us on the field of battle.