Tate Buti talks new ventures

Exposing talent through a road show

02 August 2019 | Art and Entertainment

Who do you know that has 16 albums to his name and still on rotation at your popular chilling spot (maybe even at your parents) and still giving opportunities to young talent like a father is supposed to? It is none other than Tate Buti. In our conversation, Tate Buti shared what motivated him to launch Visible Talent Namibia - a road show that is scouting talent nationally and spoke about being nominated at the Namibian Annual Music Awards (NAMAs).

It is public knowledge that Tate Buti has not taken part at the NAMAs in the last few years. However, he is nominated this year in the Best Soukous/Kwasa and Best Album of the Year, respectively. Speaking on what motivated him to enter the NAMAs this year, the energetic Tate Buti mentioned that it was a collective decision made by his team.

“As a brand, I have a team that manages me. This year they convinced me that the NAMAs is a Namibian platform for and by Namibians. I trust their judgement and so we entered,” he said.

He is excited to be nominated and happy for everyone else who is nominated in different categories this year.

Tate Buti is also the founder of Visible Talent Namibia, an idea he said he has been having for quite some time now and he is happy that it took off.

“Visible Talent Namibia is a talent search show set to turn any act into a lucrative career for any dreamer,” he said.

Tate Buti added that he has seen a lot of talent go to waste in Namibia because of a lack of platforms of this nature. With Visible Talent Namibia, Tate Buti hopes to help Namibians showcase their unique skills and talent.

“That is why we are visiting all the regions.

“From the auditions that we are conducting, each region will produce a representative who will then represent their region at national level in November when we have the final draw,” he said.

He mentioned that Visible Talent Namibia, will be an annual show and appealed to the nation to support the initiative.

“I am grateful to all the artists and sponsors involved in this project. So far our sponsors include Indongo Toyota, Undenge Investment, Oxford Hotel, Build It Omuthiya and Destiny Hotel. “We are still waiting to hear from MTC and brewery companies,” said Tate Buti.

He further announced that after his 17th album, he will be taking a bit of a break to concentrate on growing Visible Talent Namibia.

He wants the platform to be an agent that exports Namibian talent to the rest of Africa and the world.

“Through this platform, I want to promote Namibian sound and style.

“If I look at back in the day, the reason we used to be nominated at continental awards like the ChannelO awards was because we had an original Namibian sound and feel in our music.

“I think we are losing our authenticity and we need to find ourselves again,” he said.