Tate Buti rubbishes retirement rumours

• “i am not quiting music”

17 July 2020 | Art and Entertainment



With a list of albums longer than your arm, Tate Buti has been in top form since his first body of work.

But despite his legend status, like many other artists, he has been affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

In a recent interview with tjil, he shared that at the moment, he is not staging any concerts, adding that this is his form of encouraging social distancing.

“But I must tell you, it is difficult.”

Throwing in the towel?

With rumours flying that the Itodulu hitmaker is calling it quits on his music career, Tati Buti said that having been an artist for almost 20 years, many people might be wondering when he will throw in the towel, but assured that it won't be any time soon.

“I am currently recording my new album and I have a song titled I Quit. “Maybe there was a misunderstanding with the journalist, but I can assure my fans that music is a part of my life and am not quitting any time soon,” he said.

Visible Talent

On Visible Talent, the talent scouting show he launched last year, he said they were unable to host the second season due to the pandemic. “My team and I will ensure that after the last stage of lockdown, we will be launching season two. Our first season was a huge success as we managed to scout talent in all 14 regions with limited resources. Expect to see content from season one on our social media pages soon,” Tate Buti shared. The veteran musician further urged Namibians to venture into agriculture and manufacturing, adding that during the lockdown, he realised that Namibia is still reliant on imports. We are not doing enough to assist the government in easing this burden, he said.

“One can start with just a small garden or by using raw materials to form finished products. Let's try and become less dependent and focus on not being so negative. Together we can have a better tomorrow,” he said.