Swakop women tied up, gagged

15 April 2021 | Crime



Three masked and armed men broke into an apartment in Swakopmund’s Vineta residential area yesterday morning, attacking two women.

The burglars have not been an arrested.

According to the Swakopmund Neighbourhood Watch (SNW), the incident occurred between 06:15 and 07:00 in Fischreiher Street.

The men, armed with a knife, a panga and a pistol, removed an aluminium window frame and entered through it.

“They surprised, hit and tied up a female caretaker,” the SNW said.

One of the men then confronted an 87-year-old woman in her bedroom and asked for money.

“She pretended to faint and the perpetrator gagged her and tied her hands and feet,” the SNW said.

The perpetrators did not enter another elderly woman’s room, who slept through the ordeal.

The men searched the house and fled with a small safe, around N$400 in cash and cellphones, among other things.