Sustainable development crucial

Optimising the utilization of resources

29 July 2020 | Economics

Let's work together with all population categories in the region for the implementation of planned government projects.Bonifasius Wakudumo, governor: Kavango east

Kavango east regional governor Bonifasius Wakudumo has called on the residents of the region to embrace the spirit of hard work and unity and optimise the utilization of natural resources for sustainable development.

Wakudumo while delivering his state of the region address (SORA), said the region is open for investment owing to its political stability and predictable climate environment, hence his call to invite local and foreign investors to come on board and invest in the region.

“Therefore, I would like to urge the Kavango East regional council, Rundu town council, Divundu village council, traditional authorities, religious leaders, private sector, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and the residents of the Kavango rast Rrgion to work as a unit towards progressive development,” urged Wakudumo.

The Kavango east region, he said is a zone of social and economic opportunities that promise to offer a better living standard to all Namibians and a beacon of hope in the country’s democracy which continues to function and provide social-political space for the implementation of government policies and programmes aimed at transforming the general populace.

“Working together with all categories of the population in the region for the implementation of planned government projects and programmes was a stimulus towards achieving the 5th National Development Plan (NDP5) and Harambee Prosperity Plan,” he said.

The governor further mentioned some of the regions success stories such as the completion of phase two, three and four of roads, water and electrical reticulation system at Ndiyona settlement, which was constructed at a cost of N$ 17 million.

He added that another milestone is the rehabilitation of Sam Nujoma Drive and B10 road at a cost of N$ 4 million, the construction of 146 houses by private developers in Rundu as well as the approved sale of 135 plots in Divundu of which 108 are for residential and 27 for business purposes. - Nampa