Stir-fried ice-cream made by the ice-cream ninjas

16 July 2020 | Art and Entertainment

This tasty adventurous sweet treat could arguably be worth every single extra calorie consumed. Clients silently bid farewell to their diets whilst watching “ice-cream ninjas” display the art of making stir-fried hand crafted ice-cream rolls.

The skill of making these masterpieces could only be acquired with loads of practise as well as watching plenty of You Tube videos - easy to learn but long to master.
Indulging your taste buds in this tasty treat gets even better, with the additional option of having your ice-cream rolls generously topped with individually chosen one-of-a-kind decadent toppings.
Imagine being spoiled with the sight, smell and taste of Oreo stir-fried ice-cream rolls topped with chocolate whispers, Milkybar dessert and dark chocolate sauce - all in one go.
The Taste Bud team introduced customers to a much-needed, exciting and original way of using all their senses to consume a typical feel-good treat such as ice-cream. Unfortunately, their ice-cream shops took a hit with Namibia’s dire economic situation last year, and the added setback of the effects of the Coronavirus forced them to cease operations in the interim.
They do however hope to partake in selling their ice-cream at festivals again using their mobile food cart, and they see their business venture as something that they could grow and learn from.
“When you are young and open your own business, lots of things go wrong but you learn and you grow and you always make the best of every situation,” says business partner Natascha Nipko.
One of their customer favourites was a mixture of banana and Nutella flavours. “What truly excited us was the smile on people’s faces. It was not only exciting but also motivating. The satisfaction of creating your own fresh and crunchy ice-cream is probably every kid’s dream,” says Natascha.
This popular treat originated in Thailand’s street markets and quickly spread to other parts of the world with customers taking videos and posting them on the internet.
The process takes about two minutes on average and involves a flavoured milk-based solution being poured on a cold plate which is between -25°C to -30°C. The process is the same as a stir fry, but instead of using a hot pan, you use a very cold surface, hence the name “stir-fried ice-cream”.
Extra ingredients are added and scrapers are used to chop, mix and roll the mixture into a thin layer across the pan. The solidified mixture is then rolled into individual cylindrical shapes and inserted into a cup.
And voila – prepare to have your taste buds tantalised!