SPYL Kavango West demands nullification of tenders

30 June 2020 | Politics



Swapo Party's Kavango West youth wing has called on the regional council to cancel five tenders that were recently advertised, citing lack of transparency, refusal of tender documents to the youth as well as the breaching of the Public Procurement Act.

This is contained in a letter dated 29 June by Swapo Party Youth League (SPYL) Kavango West regional secretary Boniphatius Muronga to Kavango West regional council chairperson Joseph Sikongo Sivaku.

The letter was copied to Kavango West regional governor Sirkka Ausiku.

The five tenders are for construction projects at Mukekete Senior Primary School, Mpasi Haiyambo Junior Primary School and Naucova Senior Primary School in the Kavango West Region. For all five tenders advertised last week, only 100 tender documents were printed.

Muronga claims that some young people who had camped at the regional council building from 03:00 on Friday did not receive any of the limited tender documents.

Others who joined later, including a Kavango West constituency councillor, were allegedly given documents.

According to Muronga, this preferential treatment warranted the cancellation of the entire tender process.

He also claimed that the tender documents were only copies of the originals, bearing the council stamp to make them seem original. Muronga called on Sivaku to intervene.

“As bidders from the youth section in Kavango West we therefore appeal to your good office to cancel or recall the bidding process... “Projects such as this should benefit and empower the local youth businesses in the region and address the high rate of youth unemployment in the region,” he wrote.

“On the issue of appropriate tender bidding, principles regulating administrative law are clear.

“Any improper performance on an administrative function of the (Public) Procurement Act attracts the application of [Article] 18 of the Namibian constitution. With the advent of our constitutional dispensation, a breach of the right to bidding entitles an aggrieved party to appropriate relief as contemplated by … the Procurement Act of 2015,” Muronga wrote.