Song Night enthrals

Inspirational performances

31 May 2019 | Art and Entertainment

The inspiring Song Night Band on Wednesday accompanied an array of new and experienced singers at the Warehouse Theatre, who took the stage as part of the May Identity Show.

Singers who performed included Calin, a 16-year-old vocalist who says singing is her motivation and gives her hope in life.

Another 16-year-old who took to the stage, not only to perform her original music but also to launch her debut album titled FIN, was Alvarita Benedito Lucungo, better known as Alvara.

Alvara first performed at Song Night last year, not allowing her severe glaucoma to put obstacles in her way, and has since been inspired to put pen to paper as the mentee of Song Night director Lize Ehlers. FIN was recorded by producer and singer Ponti Dikuua, with Imms Nicolau on all the instrumentation.

Other performers included the vivacious and very talented Zikizee, a Namibian singer who is also part of The Collective, a local choir who recently raised funds in the south of Namibia through their music. Zikizee sang her original Kizomba hit Rituahepi, among other tracks.

Song Night also extended its new give-back portion, including already-active performers in various communities, and brought them for a fee to allow them to showcase what they are already doing in their respective spaces.

In the case of the March Proudly Namibian Song Night, the Heavenly Sounds Brass Band was celebrated, and now for the May Identity Show, Bradley Jonathan, who plays piano and sings at various churches in Khomasdal, was showcased. Singer Ori, who has performed as backing vocalist at the Windhoek Jazz Festival, and who also supported the Warehouse Theatre Crowdfunding Festival, was also among the singers in the line-up.

Vocalist Faithy Blue, who has a single out called Life or Death, performed, as well as local entertainment all-rounder JD Januarie, Herero Pop group Ethnix and new vocalists Chuma and Jedidjah.

It was a jam-packed show that showcased how singers identify with and find themselves in genres and different styles of music, not to mention how they get lost in the lyrics.

MC Adriano Visagie kept audiences entertained with his stage prowess and Song Night stylist Martina made sure the singers and all performers represented their true identities through well-styled fashion.

Song Night ambassador Treza Cooper supported all the singers from the audience this month, due to her endeavours to finalise new music and an upcoming video for her single You Said.